Gotham Knights demo shows Nightwing and Red Hood gameplay

Warner Bros. Games Montreal has released a 13-minute gameplay demo giving players an in-depth look at what they can expect playing as Dick Grayson and Jason Todd.

From the video we can see some of the differing playstyles based on the two characters. Nightwing’s hand-to-hand combat is similar to the combat with Batman in the Arkham games, while Red Hood focuses more on ranged attacks using bombs and guns which fire non-lethal rounds. In lieu of Batman’s grapple hook and cape glider, each of the characters have their own way of getting around. Nightwing flies on a powered glider and Red Hood uses a mystical leap powered by “soul energy.”

We get a look at the characters’ home base where they can select missions to fast-travel to and upgrade their equipment with a new crafting system. The game promises a number of customization options from character outfits to the UI. The demo also reveals more story details surrounding the Court of Owls plot in the wake of Bruce’s death.

Gotham Knights is expected to release October 25, 2022.