MultiVersus trailer shows off the characters

A new MultiVersus trailer has been released showing off some of the characters we can expect.

Warner Bros. Games has shared a new MultiVersus trailer that is showing some of the insane team ups you can put together. Batman with Shaggy? Arya Stark with Bugs Bunny? It looks as though anything is possible in this new game.

MultiVersus is an all-new free-to-play, platform fighter videogame. With an ever-expanding cast of iconic characters and legendary universes, MultiVersus will feature multiple online modes, including a team-based 2 vs. 2 format, 1 vs. 1 matches and 4-player free-for-all, along with upcoming content-filled seasons.

You can sign up now for the Closed Alpha that will be launching on May 19.

No word yet on when the MultiVersus release date will be.