Batwheels adds cast members including Xolo Mariduena

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Warner Bros.

The upcoming preschooler series Batwheels has added a few new cast members.

Warner Bros. Animation has announced some additional cast members for its upcoming preschooler series, Batwheels.Gina Rodriguez (Jane the Virgin) will be playing Catomwna, while Xolo Mariduena (Cobra Kai, Blue Beetle) will be playing Mister Freeze’s vehicle, Snowy the Snowcrawler. Tom Kenny (SpongeBob SquarePants) has also signed on to play Crash, a minion of Badcomputer.

The cast is shaping up with already announced cast members for the heroes including Ethan Hawke (Batman), Jacob Bertrand (Bam the Batmobile), and AJ Hudson (Duke Thomas, aka Robin).

The villains include Mick Wingert (the Joker), Chandni Parekh (Harley Quinn), Sungwon Cho (the Riddler), Jess Harnell (Penguin), Regi Davis (Mr. Freeze), and James Arnold Taylor (Toyman).

The Legion of Zoom consists of Griffin Burns as Prank, the Joker’s favorite ride; Alexandra Novelle as Jetstah, Harley Quinn’s souped-up ATV;  Josey Montana McCoy as Quizz, Riddler’s helicopter; Ariyan Kassam as Ducky, Penguin’s boat; and Sungwon Cho as Badcomputer.

Batwheels debut this fall on HBO Max and Cartoon Network.