James Wan confirms concepts from The Trench movie live on

Aquaman - Official Images - The Trench - 01
Warner Bros.

While The Trench may have been canceled as its own film, director James Wan has confirmed that some concepts live on in the Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom sequel.

The Trench was a movie announced back in 2019 and was to be released before the second Aquaman movie. It was then announced in April 2021 that the film was canceled. Shortly after the cancelation, James Wan revealed it was actually a secret Black Manta movie.

With that revelation, it was sad to see us love that movie, but it seems it wasn’t a complete loss. Speaking with ComicBook.com, Wan revealed that parts of it live on in the upcoming sequel. “Listen, I feel like everything I come up with, everything I do, if I come up with something that I don’t end up using, that doesn’t mean that I cannot be inspired to use that in a different way,” said Wan. “That’s my problem, is I come up with a lot of ideas and I have so many ideas just percolating, but obviously, I can’t use all of them. So I would say of all the different thoughts and ideas I’ve come up with, I end up using maybe 20-30% of them in my work, and so I do have a drawer full of ideas that could develop into something else.”

We’ll just have to wait and see if we ever learn which parts exactly were salvaged. And perhaps the unused parts will show up somewhere else.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is due to hit theaters on March 17, 2023.