Pure Arts announces Batman 1989 cowl

Pure Arts

Pure Arts have announced a new replica of the Batman 1989 cowl that will include a couple of fun extras.

The new 1:1 Batman 1989 cowl has been created using 3D scans of the original cowl used in the film. It will rest on a stand modeled after the Gotham City mayoral house statue. If you order directly from Pure Arts it will also include a replica of the Batarang. It will be priced for $799.99, limited to 800 pieces, and will release in the second quarter of 2023.

Batman 1:1 Scale Cowl Replica Exclusive Edition

Above Gotham City looms its greatest Super Hero: Batman™. Rich playboy & philanthropist by day and defender of the city by night, Batman™ is revitalized with the PureArts Batman™ 1:1 Cowl Replica!

Using 3D scans of the original prop from the 1989 Tim Burton film and owned by PureArts, our Batman™ 1:1 Cowl Replica is carefully crafted for a realistic recreation of Batman™’s Cowl. With a miniature Gotham City mayoral house statue and removable emblem, this first collectible in our Batman™ line has it all!

The Exclusive Edition, available only on PureArts.com, also includes a Batarang replica with display base.


  • Movie accurate sculpt of Batman’s Cowl based on 3D scans of original movie prop
  • Material: Poly-hybrid mixed media for accurate prop textures and feel
  • Miniature Gotham City mayoral house statue base
  • Removeable magnetic Batman™ emblem
  • PureArts.com Exclusive Edition includes Batarang replica with display base.


  • Licensed by Warner Bros. Consumer Products
  • Estimated Delivery Date: Q2 2023
  • Edition Size: 800 Exclusive Editions, 1989 Standard Editions
  • Shipping: North America, UK, European Union, Middle East and Africa only