Upcoming Comics: June 14, 2022

Welcome back to Upcoming Comics!

Amazon is attempting to get better at implementing comics back into its site – but in the process, has only made it worse. I now can barely load the solicits for comics at all, with it often coming up with this error message:

So, if my solicit info is inaccurate this week, that’s why. God, I miss ComiXology.

Now, here’s what we’ve got for this week:

Upcoming Comics

DC Pride: Tim Drake Special #1

The breakout story from Batman: Urban Legends collected in one volume for the very first time, in time for Pride Month! Tim Drake’s search for a missing friend kidnapped by the villains known as the Chaos Monsters leads Tim to realize his identity as a bisexual man. Collecting the Tim Drake stories from Batman: Urban Legends #4-6 and 10, with a brand-new story that sees Tim teaming up with his former Young Justice teammates and the Batgirls, beginning Tim Drake’s 2022 path!

Written by Meghan Fitzmartin
Art by Belén Ortega
Cover Art by Belén Ortega and Luis Guerrero

Thoughts: I actually have very complex opinions on Tim Drake and his recent developments! Maybe if I feel qualified, I’ll put them into words soon – but for now, I’ll stay quiet about it. Please keep the comments cool this time, guys.

Batman News Critic: William

Batman: Urban Legends #16

Batman and Zatanna stand up against the curse they’ve been facing throughout their whole relationship! Ace and his Super-Pet compatriots make their last stand. Will the new Birds of Prey crumble because of their lack of trust in each other? And we go back in time for a Batman and Alfred team-up story where Alfred’s taking the lead on the action!

Written by Vita Ayala, Mark Russell, Che Grayson, and Josh Trujillo
Art by Nikola Čižmešija, Karl Mostert, Serg Acuña, and Rosi Kämpe
Cover by Karl Mostert and Trish Mulvihill

Thoughts: Do we actually have many comics where both Ace and Titus interact?

Batman News Critic: Cam

I Am Batman #10

How do you stop a killer who feels nothing: no pain, no emotion a killer who believes their actions only make the world a better, more beautiful place by exposing the literal and figurative ugliness of the rich and powerful? The more important question for Batman as he squares off with Manray…what if he can’t stop him?

Written by John Ridley
Art by Christian Duce

Thoughts: I’ve been more than fair to this series – I have a Jace action figure, you know! – but it’s losing me, and it’s losing me fast.

Batman News Critic: Me… maybe. We’ll see.

Batgirls #7

With the Batgirls’ damaged reputation still on the line and repairs on the Clock Tower well under way, Babs just might have finally found the key to their redemption. Meanwhile, serial killer the Hill Ripper is still on the loose! The girls receive their first major break in the case from an unlikely source—unfortunately for them, the main suspect is among the most enigmatic and dangerous villains in all of Gotham!

Written by Becky Cloonan and Michael W. Conrad
Art by Robbi Rodriguez
Cover by Jorge Corona

Batman News Critic: Matina

Future State: Gotham #14

The real Bruce Wayne returns to Gotham City as Batman, but Jason Todd doesn’t believe it’s really him after Hush posed as Bruce for all those months. And what will this mean for Jace, the Next Batman? Just when things can’t get any worse, another mysterious Batman attacks the Magistrate! Also in this issue: the fate of Damian Wayne!

Written by Dennis Culver
Art by Geoffo
Cover by Simone Di Meo

Thoughts: I like a lot of the ideas here, but I think the momentum of this comic is hurt by Future State being a strange mixed bag of ideas that never went anywhere. I honestly wish they committed more.

Batman News Critic: Jackson

The Jurassic League #2

Bizzarosaur has invaded Supersaur’s home village, and now the super-powered sauropod must defend his home and the humans who have raised him since his arrival on Earth. But will he be strong enough to defeat this strange foe, or will he need the help of Wonderdon and Batsaur, who are both converging on his location? A whole new Trinity assembles for the first time in this adventure that will need to be seen to be believed!

Written by James Tynion IV
Art by Álvaro Martínez Bueno

Thoughts: Keep it up, the first issue was phenomenal!

Batman News Critic: Cam

Beyond the Bat

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To be honest, not feeling too much from this week – definitely curious about the Tim Drake Special and I’m excited for Jurassic League, but nothing else really leaps out to me right now. They really dumped a lot of big stuff last week, huh?

Best wishes, and see you in the reviews!


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