Artist Tim Sale passes away at the age of 66

Reports are coming in that artist Tim Sale has died. Jim Lee recently reported via Twitter that Sale had been admitted to the hospital, but no other details were made available. Now, his personal Twitter account has announced that he has passed away.

Sale had a long, acclaimed career in the comics industry, with some of his most notable work involving Batman. Teamed with frequent collaborator Jeph Loeb, Sale penciled the maxiseries Batman: The Long Halloween, which has been widely regarded as one of the Dark Knight’s most iconic and perennial stories. So successful was this story and their partnership that Loeb and Sale have returned to The Long Halloween multiple times over the years, be it the direct follow up Dark Victory, the Catwoman: When in Rome spinoff, the “spiritual tie-in” Haunted Knight, and last year’s Long Halloween Special.

Sale and Loeb also saw great acclaim with a number of other stories, from Challengers of the Unknown Must Die! and Superman For All Seasons at DC and their “colors” series over at Marvel: Daredevil: Yellow, Captain America: White, Spider-Man: Blue, and Hulk: Gray, along with Wolverine and Gambit: Victims. Sale penciled the Shadows of the Bat arc “The Misfits” with writer Alan Grant, and worked with the equally celebrated artist Darwyn Cooke on the Superman Confidential storyline “Kryptonite.”

In addition to providing cover art for countless titles, Sale has also worked with the likes of Matt Wagner on his creator-owned title Grendel, Jim Lee and Brandon Choi on Deathblow, and contributed art for a Buffy the Vampire Slayer graphic novel.

He was 66.