Happy 30th anniversary to Batman Returns

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June 19, 1982 was a monumental day for comic book movies as the long-awaited sequel to 1989’s Batman was finally hitting theaters. Once again, lines formed around theaters as audiences were ready to travel back to Gotham City with Tim Burton and Michael Keaton.

Bat-Mania wasn’t quite at the height it had been three years earlier, but it was still a pretty big deal to a lot of fans.

The film had its premiere on June 16, 1992 at Mann’s Chinese Theater. While the internet was starting to gain in popularity, spoilers were still not really a thing. The film had been made in peace without unofficial set photos getting out, so all anyone knew was what we had seen in the trailer.

Tim Burton had returned to direct this second outing of the Caped Crusader, and Michael Keaton was once again donning the cowl. Joining the cast this time as the villains were Michelle Pfeiffer as Catwoman, Danny DeVito as The Penguin, and Christopher Walken as a new character named Max Shreck.

The movie opened to $45.68 million, coming in ahead of the $40.48M opening of Batman. It kept the top spot at the box office for two more weekends and was finally dethroned on the weekend of July 10 by A League of Their Own, Universal Soldier, and Boomerang. It went on to end its theatrical run with $162.83 million domestically, well below the $251.34 million of the first film. It took in $103.99 million at foreign box offices for a global total of $266.82 million, well behind the $411.5 million of the 1989 installment.

Batman Forever would come along three years later, without Burton or Keaton, and we know things tarted to go for the series at that point.

Burton’s Batman Returns is still a beloved film, but it definitely proved that capturing lightning in a bottle twice is nearly impossible.

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