Django/Zorro movie appears to be dead

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It once looked as though Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained was going to be getting a sequel, but that plan now appears to be dead.

Following the success of his 2012 film, Tarantino worked on his first-ever comic book sequel to one of his films. The result was Django/Zorro which was co-published by DC’s Vertigo imprint and Dynamite Comics. The story was set several years after the events of the film, and saw Django continuing his work as a bounty hunter in the western United States. There he meets an aged Diego de la Vega, the man known as Zorro. He takes a liking to Django and hires him as his ‘bodyguard.’ The two then work on a mission to free enslaved locals.

As early as 2014, thanks to the Sony email hack, it has been known Tarantino was interested in turning the comic into a film. In 2019, the story was that Jerrod Carmichael (The Carmichael Show) had been picked to handle the scripting duties on the project.

Speaking recently with USA Today, Bandares shared that he had talked to Tarantino about the role. “He talked to me, I think on the Oscar night [in 2020] when I was nominated for Pain and Glory,” said Banderas. “We saw each other at one of those parties. He just came up to me and I was like, ‘In your hands? Yeah, man!’ Because Quentin just has that nature to do those type of movies and give them quality. Even if they are based on those types of B-movies of the ’60s and ’70s, he can take that material and do something really interesting.”

“We’ve never worked together,” added the actor, “but it would be great because of him, because of Jamie Foxx and because of (playing) Zorro again when he’s a little bit older. It would be fantastic and funny and crazy.”

Unfortunately, in a recent interview with GQ, Carmichael revealed the project had been shelved. “Quentin’s a lunatic who I love, and I’m happy that I got to spend the time,” said Carmichael. “We saw exploitation flicks at the New Beverly, he read me scenes that never made it to his movies, that he had typed out, in his kitchen after making fresh-squeezed lemonade for me. It was really special. It’s actually an incredible, incredible script that came in from that Django/Zorro that I would love for Sony to figure out, but I realize the impossibility of it. But I still think we wrote a $500 million film.”

Perhaps someday it could come back around, but for now, it appears that the film is indeed dead.

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