Upcoming Comics: July 5, 2022

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Today is the last day I’ll be living in my Melbourne house – and while it’s not the first time I’ve moved, it is the first time I’ve properly tried to move out. It’s a complicated process! I’m getting rid of almost everything in this entire house, and I’ve been doing it practically alone – it’s no easy feat, and it is incredibly exhausting. I’ve managed to take the time to fit this in, but my comments may be brief as a result. It’s been an… interesting year and a half living here, and while I wouldn’t say it’s been great, I don’t think I’d trade it either. Here’s to the next adventure!

Now, here’s what we’ve got for this week:

Upcoming Comics

Batman #125

Superstar writer Chip Zdarsky joins legendary artist Jorge Jimenez to define a new era in Batman! Bruce Wayne is at a turning point, haunted by dreams of a dark future, while Gotham City billionaires are being gruesomely murdered. With the discovery of an archenemy’s involvement and a tragedy unfolding, the Dark Knight’s nightmares are just beginning. “Failsafe” starts here. And in the backup, there’s chaos in Gotham as the underworld fights over one of its crown jewels…and Selina Kyle is caught in the middle. Can she stop the bloodshed and maybe even make a little money in the process?

Written by Chip Zdarsky
Pencils and Inks by Jorge Jimenez, Belén Ortega and Josh Adams 
Colours by Tomeu Morey, Luis Guerrero and Hi-Fi
Cover Art by Jorge Jimenez

Thoughts: I’m not sure I’ve loved what I’ve seen so far, but I do very much like the way Zdarsky seems to be pivoting to put a greater focus on Tim!

Batman News Critic: Casper

Dark Crisis #2

As the good people of the world mourn the loss of the Justice League, the forces of evil have seized the opportunity to wreak havoc in a world without its heroes! Leading the charge is a super-powered Slade Wilson…but this time there’s something dark fueling his rage. With a massive army laying siege to Titans Tower, only Nightwing will have what it takes to stand in the way of Deathstroke’s forces-but is this a fight Dick Grayson can win? Look, up in the sky-reinforcements are on the way! It’s a bird! It’s a plane! It’s…uh-oh…it’s Cyborg Superman. The world burns as Pariah and the Great Darkness make their play for planet Earth in this jaw-dropping second issue!

Written by Joshua Williamson
Pencils and Inks by Daniel Sampere
Colours by Alejandro Sanchez
Cover Art by Daniel Sampere, Alejandro Sanchez, Chris Burnham

Thoughts: This issue is kind of a make or break one for me – we should be having a closer look at the actual content of this series in this issue, as opposed to just the set-up.

Batman News Critic: Myself

Batman: Killing Time #5

The heist of the century has gone so far sideways that an all-out and very bloody gang war is imminent, with Batman, Riddler, and Catwoman caught in the crossfire. What is the mysterious object that so many are willing to murder so many for, and how does it connect to Bruce Wayne? As we reach the climax of this thrilling series, the clock strikes its deadly hour-the time for killing is here!

Written by Tom King
Pencils and Inks by David Marquez
Colours by Alejandro Sanchez

Thoughts: I’ve actually been quite enjoying this so far! It’s not perfect, it’s not easy to follow and it could have maybe used another draft – but it IS very fun.

Batman News Critic: Casper and Matina

The Joker #15

The Clown Prince of Crime had one more trick up his sleeve-a thrilling, surprise final issue! How did Gordon escape Texas? What happened to Bane and Vengeance? Did The Joker get the last laugh? Find out!

Written by James Tynion and Sam Johns
Pencils by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Sweeney Boo
Inks by Cam Smith, Sweeney Boo, Belén Ortega
Colours by Sweeney Boo, Luis Guerrero and Alejandro Sanchez
Cover Art by Giuseppe Camuncoli, Cam Smith and Arif Prianto

Thoughts: Ah, so this is the actual final issue of The Joker! This is Tynion’s final say in the world of Batman, so let’s see where it goes.

Batman News Critic: Matina

Batman ’89 #6

It’s a battle between former friends for the heart of Gotham as Batman faces down Harvey Dent. Can Bruce save his friend before he goes too far, and what does this mean for the future of Gotham City?

Written by Sam Hamm
Pencils and Inks by Joe Quinones
Colours by Leonardo Ito 
Cover Art by Joe Quinones and Paolo Rivera

Batman News Critic: Jay

Flashpoint Beyond #3

The DC event of 2022 continues! Thomas Wayne’s investigation into the Clockwork Killer goes sideways when he is confronted by a deadly alien invader the world knows as…Project: Superman? But what’s happened to the Kryptonian and Krypton in the World of Flashpoint? Will Thomas Wayne do what he has to in order to stop Superman-or has he changed? And what are those strange earthquakes now erupting across reality?

Written by Geoff Johns, Jeremy Adams and Tim Sheridan
Pencils and Inks by Xermanico and Mikel Janin
Colours by Romulo Fajardo and Jordie Bellaire
Cover Art by Mitch Gerads

Thoughts: This series has been far better than I could have anticipated. Really excited to see how it picks up from here, and I love the homage in this cover.

Batman News Critic: Myself

Poison Ivy #2

Destroying humanity is a lot of work, and a girl’s gotta eat! On her journey to doom humankind, Ivy makes a pit stop at a roadside restaurant, where she meets a hungry poet who makes her question her motives-at least until the cops show up. Ivy has left Gotham, but she can’t seem to escape the law!

Written by G. Willow Wilson
Pencils and Inks by Marcio Takara 
Colours by Arif Prianto
Cover Art by Jessica Fong

Thoughts: This series has had an interesting start! I don’t hate Ivy’s villainous pivot, so long as they keep her somewhat grounded and empathetic.

Batman News Critic: Theresa

Batman Beyond: Neo-Year #4

The Sword of Gotham strikes! Neo-gotham gave Terry McGinnis a chance to leave-he was warned a Batman could not live in this new city. Terry refused and now he’ll have to live with the consequences: a fight for his life with Neo-Gotham’s unstoppable soldier, the Sword of Gotham. Tonight Batman Beyond falls.

Written by Collin Kelly and Jackson Lanzing
Pencils and Inks by Max Dunbar
Colours by Sebastian Cheng and Romulo Fajardo
Cover Art by Max Dunbar and Sebastian Cheng

Batman News Critic: Jackson

DC vs. Vampires #7

The nightmarish second arc begins! The Earth is now cloaked in darkness as the victorious vampire empire has taken full control. Pockets of humanity can still be found, and they struggle to live but hope fades with every darker day. The leaders of the last surviving resistance force-Green Arrow, Batgirl, and Supergirl-hatch a desperate plan to save the world…or die trying!

Written by James Tynion and Matthew Rosenberg
Pencils, Inks and Colours by Otto Schmidt
Cover Art by Guillem March and Otto Schmidt

Batman News Critic: Aaron

Beyond the Bat

Welcome to Beyond the Bat! Here you can see everything else that DC is releasing this week, beyond the scope of the books we cover on the website.


Most Excited: Flashpoint Beyond #3. I really thought this would be a forced comic, but the way it’s continuing Thomas’ natural character progression while checking back in on the characters in this world is honestly really well-executed.

Least Excited: Dark Crisis #2. Nothing about this book has made me enthusiastic yet, so let’s hope this changes it.

Wild Card: The Joker #15. Not sure how this is all gonna wrap up – good or bad, this series has certainly been crazy.

Best wishes, and see you in the reviews!

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