XM Studios announces new The Batman Who Laughs statue

XM Studios has announced a new Joker statue from the White Knight storyline that is limited to 299 pieces.

The statue stands nearly 30-inches and will weigh almost 49lbs. Preorders are open now for customers throughout Asia for SGD $1,299 from the following retailers:

Presenting the next release from XM’s Batman: White Knight Comics 1/4 scale premium collectibles line, White Knight: The Joker. Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with XM’s famous quality finish, and comes in a bold, dynamic, and story-laden style.

For this statue, we worked directly with Batman: White Knight comics’ original writer and artist, Sean Murphy to capture details reflective of his art style in the comics that fans of the series would appreciate.

The XM Team wanted to retain the Joker’s persona and characteristics in this particular scene which shows him seated on the roof, in a relaxed pose, feeling happy after another successful robbery— an interpretation of Sean Murphy’s iconic comic cover in Batman: Curse Of The White Knight #8.

This is a piece that pairs perfectly well with XM’s Batman: White Knight (Batcycle Edition) statue, with Art Deco style architecture making up the base of the statue. The Joker is himself seen sitting atop a weathered copper gargoyle covered in green patina, wearing a pair of leather boots. He is seen sporting a new set clothes, wearing purple pin-stripe pant legs with realistic fabric-like folds and suspenders while draped in a tattered light blue t-shirt with the batman logo centered across his chest.

The statue comes with 2 arm switch outs, one featuring a deck of cards on his left hand and another holding on to a revolver with a long barrel. It also comes with 2 head switch outs, each featuring Joker’s differently colored eyes. The first head switch out has him with an over the shoulder pose and bunched up eyebrows, taken directly from Sean Murphy’s comic cover. The other head switch out has him looking straight ahead with a maniacal facial expression and a large toothy grin.

Character Background
“After years of epic battles, the Dark Knight finally finds a way to cure the twisted mind of his archenemy…”

Read more at https://www.dccomics.com/graphic-novels/batman-white-knight-2017/batman-white-knight


This statue features:

  • Two (2) left hands: 1 featuring a deck of cards on his left hand and 1 holding on to a revolver with a long barrel
  • Two (2) heads: 1 with an over the shoulder pose, 1 looking straight ahead
  • One (1) highly detailed sculpt: 1 featuring The Joker sitting on a gargoyle
  • Crafted in Polystone
  • Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish


  • Sean Murphy (2D)
  • James W Cain (3D)
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team