George Clooney’s Batsuit goes up for auction

Warner Bros.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning George Clooney’s Batsuit from Batman & Robin, your time has finally come.

Heritage Auctions has launched a new set of auctions that feature multiple DC movie props. One of the definite highlights is George Clooney’s infamous ‘nipple’ Batsuit from Batman & Robin. The opening bid is set at $40,000 with a total price of $50,000 after the buyer’s premium.

Some of the other notable items include Jim Carrey’s Riddler walking cane, a wanted poster for Jack Napier from Batman, Daily Planet newspaper front pages from Superman II and Superman III, and more.

Starting at an even higher price than the Batsuit is an original, screen-worn costume of Jack Nicholson’s from Batman. It includes everything from the shoes to the hat.

None of these props will go cheap, but what an addition to your collection if you can win one of them.