Prime 1 Studio announces Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Great Hera Version statue

Prime 1 Studio

Prime1 Studio is back with another entry in its Injustice 2 line of statues. This time it’s Wonder Woman – Great Hera version.

The new 1/4 scale Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Great Hera version statue will include various swap out parts. It will sell for $99 and will be released in Sept.

Premium Masterline Injustice 2 Wonder Woman Great Hera Version

Prime 1 Studio is proud to bring you another version of the very popular Wonder Woman from DC’s award-winning fighting game: the 1:4 Scale PMDCIJ-06GL Premium Masterline Wonder Woman Great Hera from Injustice 2!

Now, not only is Wonder Woman’s signature exclamation part of the statue’s name, but it is also the name of this stunning Injustice 2 loadout! At an impressive 20.7 inches, Wonder Woman Great Hera dons a beautiful brown and gold battle suit as she stands victoriously astride the fallen ruins of her battle zone.

Prime 1 Studio’s skilled artisans have delivered a must-have alternate for our previous Injustice 2 Wonder Woman statue. In this iteration, Wonder Woman dons an attractive and period-authentic battle garb. Her golden accents glow against the dark brown of her bodysuit, which looks as though hewn from tough but supple leather. Her perfect, alabaster skin contrasts the battle-ready armor she inhabits.

Wonder Woman Great Hera comes with three different swappable portraits with alternate tiaras and facial expressions, alternate swords and shields, and an option to switch to Wonder Woman wielding her Lasso of Truth.

Wonder Woman Great Hera stands powerfully on an Injustice 2-inspired base…a battlefield in which she was the obvious victor! Powered with LED Illumination, the base’s blue flames look like they are burning hot as the fires of Hades!

Don’t leave this version out of your growing Injustice 2 statue collection!!! Pre-Order PMDCIJ-06GL Wonder Woman Great Hera today!


  • Two (2) Swappable Sword Base Decorations
  • Three (3) Swappable Portraits (Closed Mouth, Open Mouth, Angry)
  • Two (2) Swappable Swords (Right Hand)
  • Two (2) Swappable Shields
  • Two (2) Swappable Right Forearms
  • One (1) Swappable Lasso of Truth Wielding Hands Set
  • Injustice 2-themed, LED-Illuminated Base