WB rumored to change Aquaman and Shazam release dates

It seems that the DC film slate may be in for some changes as Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom and Shazam: Fury of the Gods may be on the move.

In a new in-depth article on the Batgirl cancelation, The Hollywood Reporter revealed that two more films may be on the move. Shazam: Fury of the Gods is currently slated for Dec. 21, 2022, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom is set for March 17, 2023, but both are said to be under consideration for moves. No new dates were revealed, but with Black Adam sitting at Oct. 21, 2022 it seems unlikely either movie would move forward.

With buzz building around Avatar: The Way of Water on Dec. 16, 2022, it seems like Warner Bros. Discovery would want to move Shazam further away from what could be a massive film. But the question is where it would go.

Should Shazam move back, the logical date would be March 17, 2023. That would mean Aquaman would logically move back to the next locked date which is currently occupied by The Flash, June 23, 2023. We assume we would then possibly be looking at The Flash moving all the way back to Fall 2023.

None of this is official as of yet, and the new dates are purely our speculation, but don’t be surprised if some film moves are on the way.