Kevin Smith shares details on canceled Strange Adventures project

Shutterstock - Kevin Smith - Kathy Hutchins
Shutterstock - Kevin Smith - Kathy Hutchins

It seems that there was more fallout last week at Warner Bros. Discovery than the Batgirl cancelation as Kevin Smith has now shared.

During a taping of his Hollywood Babylon podcast, Kevin Smith went into detail about the proposed Strange Adventures series that Berlanti Productions was working on for HBO Max.

Smith detailed he was contacted around two years ago to work on Strange Adventures. He was presented with a list of characters he could choose from for this DC anthology series. He chose Jimmy Olson and Bizarro and it would play as an origin story for Bizarro. Once he had picked his characters, he was informed the budget would be between $16 to $20 million for just his episode.

He broke down the entire plot of his episode in the podcast, as well as revealed they were in talks with Nicholas Cage to play Bizarro, but he had not yet signed on to the project. All of this is being shared now because shortly before the Batgirl news broke, he received a phone call the Strange Adventures project had been officially axed.

He details everything in this video from the episode of his podcast. Please note the language of the video contains not safe for work language.

Smith also said that he did not have a definitive piece of information, but that it is his belief the long-gestating Green Lantern series at HBO Max is also dead. There is no official confirmation on that information as of right now.

James Gunn has confirmed that Peacemaker season 2 is still moving ahead, but nothing has been heard as of yet on any of the other live-action DC series at HBO Max.

For now everything seems to be moving ahead on other projects, but we’ll have to be mindful to keep our eyes peeled for more information as Warner Bros. and Discovery continue to integrate.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Kevin Smith – Kathy Hutchins