Idris Elba wants to see Bloodsport vs Superman happen

It seems that there is at least one more story Idris Elba wants to tell as Bloodsport, and it has to do with Superman.

Speaking with Variety in support of his new film Beast, Elba mentioned his interest in returning to the role of Bloodsport from The Suicide Squad. “I would definitely like to tell the Superman story. There’s no doubt,” said Elba. “Bloodsport versus Superman. It needs to happen.”

As was mentioned in the film, Bloodsport was in prison for having put Superman in the ICU due to shooting him with a Kryptonite bullet. This is the same storyline when the character was introduced in the comics in 1987.

Elba recently revealed in a different interview that “he’s got a really big thing cooking for DC right now.” There’s no indication that this is that product, and we’ll just have to wait and see what it is he’s working on.

James Gunn also has multiple projects in the works with Warner Bros. Discovery at the moment. Peacemaker season 2 is confirmed, and he is developing an Amanda Waller series as well. A series based on Bloodsport certainly doesn’t seem out of the realm of probability.