Warner Bros is exploring different release plans for The Flash

The Flash 2022 - New Suit - DC FanDome - 01

Warner Bros. Discovery is finding itself with a bit of an issue when it comes to the release of The Flash due to the ongoing legal issues of Ezra Miller.

As Warner Bros. Discovery continues its merger integration, CEO David Zaslav is quickly having to deal with a trial by fire: What to do about Ezra Miller and The Flash. The actor has had multiple legal issues this year including arrests in Hawaii, accusations of child grooming, an expose suggesting cult-like activity, and more. This is leaving the studio with a fairly large question about what to do with the Flash movie set to be released in 2023.

According to an unnamed source with knowledge of the situation that spoke with The Hollywood Reporter, the studio is now looking into three possible scenarios.

The first plan follows recent rumors that Miller is potentially seeking professional help. Should that be the case, Miller – who uses they/them pronouns – could give an interview explaining their actions over the past few years. They could then do limited press for the film.

The second scenario would just exclude Miller in any prominent way from marketing and publicity. This would also lead to the role being recast for any subsequent appearances.

And the last scenario is the most drastic and would see the film scrapped and the $200 million dollar budget written off. With Miller playing multiple roles, the film would need a complete reshoot to remove them from the film and that is just not an option that is being considered.

As an example of what is being done, the Salvador Dali biopic Daliland is set to debut at the Toronto Film Festival this year. As of this week, Ezra Miller’s name is being left off of press releases for the film despite playing a younger version of the famous artist. While not nearly the same size of film as The Flash, it’s at least a current example of his could possibly be handled.

As it stands right now, The Flash is still set to release on June 23, 2023, so the studio does have some time to consider its options. The biggest marketing push for the film has not yet begun, so there isn’t that much money invested as of yet outside of the film’s budget.