Mattson Tomlin to co-write The Batman 2 with Matt Reeves

Matt Reeves is going to be working with Mattson Tomlin on the script for The Batman 2 when writing commences.

While he didn’t receive a screenplay credit on The Batman, Tomlin worked with Reeves on the third act of the film when some problems arose. For the sequel, he will be working with him from the beginning.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, work is expected to begin in the coming weeks, but no further details are known as of yet other than Robert Pattinson will be reprising his role.

As to the villain, no information has been released as of yet. Despite Barry Keoghan having played the Joker in a cameo at the end of the film, there has been no confirmation he will be returning for this film.

The Batman went on to earn $767.93M globally at the box office. The sequel hasn’t officially been greenlit as of yet, but that step in the process comes after the script is completed and a budget is set. With his new first-look deal with Warner Bros. Discovery confirmed, it feels as though it will only be a matter of formalities.