Batgirl reportedly receiving ‘funeral screenings’ on WB lot

Batgirl - First official photo - Featured - 01
Warner Bros.

Before it’s locked away in a vault forever, Warner Bros. is reportedly hosting ‘funeral screenings’ of the Batgirl movie.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, the completed Batgirl footage is being screened on the Warner Bros. lot for cast, crew, and executives. The screenings have been dubbed ‘funeral screenings’ by one source, nodding to the upcoming locking away of the footage as the company takes a tax write-off on the $90 million dollar budget.

It was announced on Aug. 2 that the film was being canceled despite having completed filming earlier this year. The revelation that it was being done as a tax write-off for the studio wasn’t revealed until a few days later.

Co-directors Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah have commented that the film was not yet complete with additional visual effects still being needed as well as some additional footage needing to be shot. What is being screened is the unfinished footage and is definitely not up to your typical wide-release standards.

It is unknown what the exact fate of the footage will be, but following these screenings it is expected to be locked away in a vault – real or metaphorical is unknown – and that will be the end of this film’s saga.