Batman and Spawn face off once again in a new crossover coming this December

There was a time where a comic fan could hardly turn around without seeing a Batman or Spawn comic book.

That time was the 90s.

That time is also now, as Batman is undoubtedly the most prolific character on the stands today, and Spawn has been in constant publication for almost three decades, making him possibly the most successful independently-owned character in the history of the medium.

This December, these two titans of the industry will face off in Batman Spawn #1, which not only reunites the characters but also sees Todd McFarlane and Greg Capullo working together once again. McFarlane is, of course, the creator of Spawn, and Capullo has clocked in hundreds of hours working on both the Hellspawn and the Dark Knight over the years, so the duo are the perfect pair to take on this story.

But that’s not all. In addition to the new crossover, DC will publish Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection, which will collect Frank Miller and McFarlane’s Spawn/Batman #1 alongside Chuck Dixon, Alan Grant, Doug Moench, and Klaus Janson’s Batman/Spawn: War Devil #1 in one handsome volume.

More information is available on the DC blog, and check out the gallery below for covers from Brett Booth and Francesco Mattina, the cover for The Classic Collection, and some of Capullo’s interiors for the new book too.

Batman/Spawn: The Classic Collection will hit comic shops and digital retailers on November 15, followed by Batman Spawn #1 on December 13.