Jurassic League #5 review

Time and time again, I think, “Can they do it? Could they?”

And time and time again, Jurassic League says, “WOOOOOOOOOOO YEAH DINOSAAAAAUUUUURRRRRSSSSSSSSS”

It’s good to be back.

A Jurassic Classic

Our favorite dinos are finally back to kick some tail, and it’s just as awesome as ever. The stakes have been skyrocketed now that the Dark Embryo has hatched, and Darklyoseid is here!

That’s right, Dino Fans, it’s the biggest battle yet for our intrepid possibly-too-featherless heroes! I’m honestly impressed that this story has been able to keep building consistently for nearly the entire run. You might think that “superheroes, but they’re dinosaurs” would get a little old after the first issue (I mean, I wouldn’t, but you might), but Johnson and Gedeon absolutely knock it out of the park. The simultaneous clashes between Batsaur and Jokerzard and Darklyoseid vs the rest of the crew both play out with solid narrative twists as well as incredibly satisfying visuals, not to mention the incredible bit of character work done with Supersaur this issue.


I was under the impression at the beginning that we wouldn’t see a lot of the Kryptonian parts of Supersaur’s history. I mean, why would we? Aliens and rockets and holograms aren’t exactly mainstays of the dinosaur times, of course. But I am SO glad we did. This scene between Supersaur and Saur-El really tugged at the heartstrings, and was honestly a fantastic diegetic motivator for Big Blue. The conflict with Darkyloseid is an incredibly fun action-packed rumble with dynamic action and fun team moments, all of which is accentuated by some incredible art.

Seeing the whole team together is incredibly fun. I absolutely cannot wait for next issue to see a giant team smackdown.

Speaking of the art

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: I absolutely ADORE the art in this book. Juan Gedeon absolutely knows how to draw some dinos. Every character is distinct and well defined while still keeping that dynamicity that makes the action sequences leap off the page. A personal highlight for this issue is Darkyloseid. He’s just so… big!

Just LOOK at him

Every single time this guy was on the page, I couldn’t help but get hype. Gedeon struck absolute gold when designing him. He has such a massive (heh) amount of gravitas and weight (literally) whenever he shows up, truly giving both a figurative and visual sense of how big of a threat he really is. It’s truly a case where you look at him and say “Oh, THAT’S why we need a whole League.”

Ferran Delgado is putting in work on the lettering this issue. Every page has so many funky bubbles filled with the absolute funkiest letters you ever did see, and I LOVE it. Longtime readers of mine will know that I am a SUCKER for monster speak in comics, and this book is nothing but. I’m in heaven.

Mike Spicer’s colors are nothing to scoff at, either. Every single panel in this book is simply bursting at the seams with color. I can’t convey enough how incredible Jurassic League looks. I’m in love with the gradients that make up our heroes’ costumes, as well. It’s a fantastic way to convey the idea of their classic costumes without dressing them up (Batsaur and Wonderdon excluded, of course), in dino-sized clothing, which might look a little worse. The designs are able to be kept simple and clean, which is a huge plus for a book like this.

Recommended if…

  • You want it
  • Come on
  • You know you do
  • Dinos, man, I can’t keep going through the motions with you


This is hands down my favorite book DC has put out in a while. I absolutely love the Saturday morning cartoon vibes, especially the way that it doesn’t just feel like a gimmick comic. I know we still have one issue to go, but I would absolutely love to see these characters again.

Score: 9/10

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review.