DC Universe adds a new Ultra tier for quicker access

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DC Universe Infinite is getting an upgrade with a new tier entitled “Ultra.”

As of Monday, new customers will be offered a new tier when signing up for DC Universe Infinite called “Ultra.” Thie new level of access will reduce the time between a print copy and digital release from six months to just 30 days. You will also get access to an additional 5,000 catalog issues from Vertigo, Black Label, and more.

Here is a full list of the price and features you can expect.

  • SPECIAL LIMITED-TIME INTRODUCTORY PRICE* ($99 a year in the US, $119.99 CAN in Canada, $134.99 AUD in Australia, $134.99 NZD in New Zealand and £72.99 BPS in the U.K.)
  • Comics library expands from 27000 to 32000+ books by mid-November 2022 accessible anytime anywhere
  • New comics available just 30 days after print release
  • Expanded Vertigo and Black Label and DC Collected Edition catalogs available only with Ultra membership starting in mid-November 2022
  • Free DC collectible comic exclusive to Ultra subscribers
  • Access to Ultra member-only events and discounts
  • 7-day FREE trial

DC is stressing that the $99 price is the introductory price, but it has not been clear what price it will rise to once that period closes.

You can learn everything and sign up for the service at DC.com/ultra.