Doom Patrol season 4 trailer is just as bonkers as ever

Doom Patrol - Season 4 - Logo - 01

The new Doom Patrol season 4 trailer has arrived, and it’s just as bonkers as one would hope from this series.

Seeing as this is Doom Patrol, it should go without saying this trailer is not safe for work.

Yes… those were singing butts. We honestly would expect nothing less from this series at this point, and we’re just glad the butts are continuing to get work after their debut in season 1. Don’t forget, in season 3 we were left with a were-butt who was infected and calling out for “Brains…”, so we may have zombie butts to deal with this season.

… It’s Monday morning and my job is to discuss singing butts, and possibly zombified were-butts. Man, I love Doom Patrol.

Doom Patrol season 4 will debut on December 8. It was announced during the Doom Patrol panel at New York Comic-Con that this season will be split into two parts. No word as of yet as to wn the second part will make its debut.