Jurassic League #6 review


It’s here.

The last issue of Jurassic League.

That can’t be right, right? If it’s the last issue, that means there’s no more, and if there’s no more…

No. No, I won’t let that happen. The cool dinosaur comic cannot end. How am I supposed to go on with no Jurassic League left to review? Unless…

I ‘ve got it. I just… won’t. No review means no end! It’s genius!

That’s right, Bat-fans, you can click away now. There’s no review. I won’t be speaking about this book or anything related to it, so you can-

Okay wait that wasn’t supposed to happen

That was an ACCIDENT!!!!! I didn’t mean to put a picture of the credits there, but I can’t figure out how to remove it, so I guess it can stay there. But it won’t happen again!! I will NOT be talking about Jurassic League #6. I will not be talking about the stellar writing team of Juan Gedeon and Daniel Warren Johnson, I will not be talking about how impressed I am that this book has managed to take an idea as silly and dumb as superhero dinosaurs and turn it into my favorite comic of the year, and I most CERTAINLY will not be talking about the incredible, action packed finale to this whirlwind of scales, tails, and a third thing that rhymes with those two words and is also in this book.

Yeah, that’s right. You heard me. There will be absolutely no mention of Batsaur completing his character arc by learning one of the most important lessons a Batman could ever learn.


I will absolutely not go on to talk about how great it was to see this character finally grow outside of himself and step into the role we all knew he was meant for. Could you imagine? If I did that, I’d also have to talk about how other characters also start to realize they can’t do this on their own, forming a team in one of the most organic and meaningful ways I’ve seen in a comic in a good long while. I’d have to talk about seeing Wonderdon taking a stand for the whole Earth or Supersaur finally step into the light of being the world’s greatest defender makes for an incredible climax, giving readers the ground-shaking, sky-shattering action they’ve been waiting for (and getting already, if we’re being honest).


Good thing I won’t be talking about all that stuff, huh?

Because if this were a review, and I were to talk about the writing and how awesome and cool it is, I’d also have to talk about how stellar the art is. Juan Gedeon absolutely gets it. His action is dynamic, explosive, and every character leaps off the page. The designs are incredible. Mike Spicer’s colors pop and suck you into the world. Darkyloseid is BIG. No, like, he got BIGGER. Just check this out:


Sorry, I don’t know what came over me. Don’t worry, this still is NOT a review of Jurassic League #6. We’re still safe. I’m still safe. All I have to do is just continue not talking about how Gedeon was possibly the perfect artist for a book like this, and how you can feel his passion seared into every panel, every page, every inch of this book. And I definitely shouldn’t mention how incredible the lettering of Ferran Delgado is. Like, seriously, it’s my favorite lettering I’ve seen in a book this year.

Recommended if:

  • You like dinosaurs and superheroes.
  • The anticipation has been killing you.
  • Plain and simple, you want to get your hands on one of the best DC books in years.


Phew, I made it. That was close. At least now, I can relax and breathe easy knowing that this series will now never end. I didn’t say a single thing resembling a review, and my favorite DC book in recent years is gonna live forever, baby!

Score: 10/10

Wait, is that a score? Why is there a score? Hold on, wait, no no no nonononononononono-

DISCLAIMER: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this issue for the purposes of this review.