Dwayne Johnson talks the big cameo of Black Adam

It’s clear that Dwayne Johnson is no longer caring about the big Black Adam spoiler being out there.

We can not stress this strongly enough, spoilers for Black Adam follow from here on out in this article.

It has been rumored for ages, and now that the film has had its debut, the cat is officially out of the bag as to the big cameo in Black Adam.

Yes, indeed, Henry Cavill does appear in the post-credits scene of Black Adam as Superman. No cut-off head this time, or being deep in the shadows ala Peacemaker. You not only see him, but he also speaks.

Following the premiere event, Johnson also appeared on The Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon and discussed the appearance as well.

“We established Black Adam as the most powerful and unstoppable force on this planet. The most powerful and unstoppable force in the entire universe has been on the sidelines for too long,” said Johnson. “So, myself, Seven Bucks, Danny Garcia, Hiram Garcia, we fought, and we weren’t gonna take no for an answer. We were gonna deliver it to the fans. And then, at the end, um…welcome home.”

Rumors are already circulating as to what Cavill’s return means for the future. There have been rumors he will also appear in The Flash, but that has yet to be confirmed. There are also rumors going around of a new solo movie, but we imagine any confirmation of that will wait until Black Adam is officially out in theaters.

Black Adam is due for release on Oct. 21.