Antonio Campos named as showrunner for Arkham Asylum series

The Arkham Asylum-based spinoff from The Batman has found its showrunner.

According to sources speaking with Variety, Antonio Campos, creator of The Staircase, has been signed as the showrunner for the Arkham Asylum series. No official comment has been issued on the matter.

The Arkham Asylum series has had a bit of an odd road to this point. It was first announced in July 2020 as a series focusing on the Gotham PD with a series commitment from HBO Max. It then lost its showrunner in November of that year. Over time as work has been developing on it, it morphed into a project that will focus on the infamous Arkham Asylum.

This project will be the second spinoff from The Batman, with a Penguin series being the first. That project will see Colin Farrell reprise his role as the Gotham gangster, and filming will begin in early 2023.

No word as of yet as to when either program will debut on HBO Max.