Mondo’s BTAS Batman 1/6 Scale Figure Redux review

Over three years later, Mondo is re-releasing their Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Batman figure, but it’s not exactly the same collectible as before. No, Batman is back with some outstanding improvements to paint application, greater overall height, and a shakeup to its assortment of accessories, but with those advancements also comes an increase in price. Does it deserve to be part of your collection and is it worth upgrading from the 2019 figure if you have it already? We’ll find out in a moment, but first here’s the official ad copy and product specs for you to peruse…

Batman returns! Based on the seminal BATMAN: THE ANIMATED SERIES, this new version of our previously sold-out figure comes with Glow-in-the-Dark eyes, a new B:TAS-accurate paint application, and revised sculpt giving the figure more height.

Featuring over 30 points of articulation and a TON of accessories, this Batman B:TAS 1/6th scale figure is a love letter to one of the most influential shows of all time! 


Height 12″
Material PVC, ABS
Weight 4 lbs


  • Jason Wires Productions
  • Joe Allard
  • Ramirez Studios
  • Photography: Raúl Barrero


  • Batman Figure
  • Regular GID Eyes Portrait
  • Angry GID Eyes Portrait
  • Smiling GID Eyes Portrait
  • Bruce Wayne Portrait
  • H.A.R.D.A.C. Portrait
  • Folded Cowl
  • X 2 Batterangs
  • Gas Mask
  • Goggles
  • Spray canister
  • Grapple Hook
  • Extended Grapple Hook
  • Binoculars
  • Bat Star
  • Figure Stand
  • 9 interchangeable hands.


When I reviewed the original 1/6 scale figure back in 2019, I said it was well worth the money and I encouraged everyone to seek out the exclusive version since it was bundled with more accessories for $25 bucks more– including a generously sized windswept cape that looks phenomenal and remains my preferred way of displaying the collectible. And if this “Redux” was a 1:1 reproduction of that Mondo Exclusive bundle but with a new paint job and a little added height at the same price of $150.00, this would have been an instant “must-buy” recommendation. I would have even told folks to sell their 2019 toy and upgrade to this one! But the Redux is $225.00 and we have to account for a few new accessories (from the 2020 black variant) and a few missing accessories (from the exclusive 2019 model). That mix of cuts, additions, and a hefty price hike complicate the situation a bit, and while I still recommend the figure, that comes with an asterisk.

Is it bigger?

Yes, Batman is about half an inch taller. Is it noticeable? Only for those collectors who will be posing Batman alongside other figures in the (so far) stellar Mondo BTAS line. Of course we want Batman to be a little taller than the likes of Catwoman or Joker, and now he is. The overall construction of the figure remains the same, however. Same 30 points of articulation, same weird knees that look off-putting when you bend them too much, and he still can’t support himself so you will need to use the included stand to keep him upright. It’s perfect realization of Bruce Timm’s original design, and as a result you’ve got a man with an absolutely massive chest that just can’t realistically be supported by these legs in any remotely dynamic pose.


Is the paint better?

Much better. However, I didn’t even realize the original paint job was off until I stood these figures side-by-side. The blacks on the original figure are more charcoal in tone whereas the new Batman’s black cape, cowl, and trunks really stand out in stark contrast to the gray uniform. Additionally, the accent lines are darker and the utility belt brighter, but the interior lining of the cape and the blue highlights painted on every black surface are a deeper shade of blue that just feels right. But the change in paint that will have everyone talking is the whites of the eyes on the three Batman head sculpts. Why’s that? To fully appreciate this detail you’ll need to turn off the lights for maximum wow-factor. Yes, that’s right, the eyes glow in the dark. It’s pretty rad. That said, if you want any of your existing Batman figures/statues to have glow-in-the-dark eyes, you could always just grab a bottle of glowy paint from your local craft store for like $4 bucks.

It’s also worth noting that the Bat symbol base of the included stand is a muted shade of yellow compared to the original 2019 stand (and the one that’s also included with Mr. Freeze, Catwoman, and Joker). I wish Mondo would get away from this type of crotch-grabber stand, though. It doesn’t look good and I think it’s hard on the figures.

What accessories are new?

It’s not that anything is “new” it’s just that some things are plucked from the 2019 exclusive version and some things are plucked from the 2020 black variant.

From the 2019 exclusive you get the super awesome H.A.R.D.A.C. head sculpt, which unfortunately doesn’t have a glow-in-the-dark paint application. You also get the thumbs-up hand, the extra batarang, and the goggles from On Leather Wings. From the black variant (no longer black, but thankfully screen-accurate) is the Bruce Wayne head sculpt and folded cowl. I absolutely love this head sculpt. The grimace, the disheveled hair, the natural folds of the cowl falling back over Bruce’s shoulders… It’s terrific and if it wasn’t for those damned glow-in-the-dark eyes on the Batman head sculpts I’d say this is hands-down the best way to display the figure.

What accessories are missing?

The oddest omission is the soup thermos from Heart of Ice. It’s just a cylindrical piece of plastic with one end dipped in red, but somehow Mondo didn’t throw this one in for an added bonus. Come on… Sure, you can make one yourself for cheap but you’re paying a premium for this. It’s $225 and they couldn’t throw in the thermos? Oh well, the missing accessory that actually has a significant impact on my overall recommendation for the figure is the windswept cape. The bonus cape from the 2019 exclusive edition weighed almost as much as the figure itself. It’s enormous and makes for an incredibly dramatic display. I wanted it in the newer, darker blue coat of paint! What happened?

All other accessories are well and good, providing you with plenty of variety for posing Batman mid-action or mid-sleuthing. I particularly like the grapple gun with extended wire grapple hook, though I had more trouble getting the wire to not fall like a limp noodle on this one. When you can get the wire looped just right so that it’s rigid enough to stay in the air and still look like it’s exploding from the grapple gun, it makes for an incredibly cool effect. But without that cape billowing behind The Dark Knight, I think I’ll keep using that accessory with my 2019 figure and instead go cowl-less with the Redux until the next time I want to show off the glow-in-the-dark eyes.

Should I upgrade if I have a previous version?

Is the Redux worth trading in your 2019 standard or 2020 black variant? Definitely. You’d lose the thermos from the standard edition, but you’re leveling up in all other regards. However, if you already have the 2019 exclusive edition, be content and hang onto it.


The Redux is an improvement over the original 2019 release in every way except it’s missing my favorite accessory from the 2019 exclusive version. I love the new paint job, the fact that it’s a half inch taller makes posing with other figures from the BTAS line look much better, and the bonus Bruce Wayne head sculpt is so unique that I actually prefer it to the Batman heads with their bad ass glow-in-the-dark eyes. However, I wish it wasn’t so expensive, especially compared with how much the exclusive edition cost us just three years ago. The $225.00 price tag makes the interest-free payment plan essential for most Batman fans, and also, for that amount of money, I believe this should have unquestionably been the definitive version of the figure. And by that I mean it should have been bundled with everything from the 2019 exclusive edition and 2020 black variant. Instead, the Redux falls short without the Heart of Ice thermos and especially the over-sized cape. But even with those two absent accessories, the Redux is the best 1/6 scale Batman: The Animated Series Batman figure you can buy right now.

If you’d like to purchase the Redux, it is available now from right now.

Disclaimer: Mondo provided Batman News with a sample of this product for the purpose of this review.