Henry Cavill’s return as Superman reportedly not a done deal

According to a new report, Henry Cavill may have been slightly premature in announcing his full return as Superman.

In October, fans were lit up with excitement as Henry Cavill announced his return to the role of Superman. This followed his cameo in Black Adam, and it seemed everything was in motion once again. According to The Wrap, however, no deal is official as of yet.

The report indicates that multiple sources have confirmed that no writer or director have been attached to the project as of yet. Additionally, Cavill is said to not yet have a formal agreement in place.

James Gunn and Peter Safran are expected to hand in their plan for the DC Universe within the next two months, a fact confirmed by James Gunn on Friday via his Twitter account.

For now this just may be a minor speed bump in Cavill’s return, we just don’t know for now. Hopefully, things will become clearer as we enter 2023.