Upcoming Comics: November 22, 2022

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I’m gonna level with you guys, I have zero clue what to talk about this week. I’ve been thinking about it for a while and just consistently drawing a blank! I’ve been getting into Magic: The Gathering lately, if anyone else is into that. Sure, that works! What Magic decks do you play? I’m currently making an all-colour deck with Jodah the Unifier. Sound off in the comments, nerds.

Now, here’s what we’ve got for this week:

Upcoming Comics

Detective Comics #1066

As the Azmer demon takes hold of the Harvey Dent side of Two-Face, it’s up to the bad side to save them both before it’s too late…that is, if Harvey will give up the identity of Batman to help them. Meanwhile, the young Orgham heir Arzen meets Bruce Wayne for the first time, and Bruce see potential in the boy. 

Written by Ram V and Simon Spurrier
Pencils by Ivan Reis and Hayden Sherman
Inks by Hayden Sherman and Danny Miki
Colours by Dave Stewart and Nick Filardi
Cover Art by Evan Cagle

Thoughts: I love the idea that a split personality can only have one half of their mind corrupted! Very cool concept, especially with Two-Face.

Batman News Critic: Casper

Tim Drake: Robin #3

Did someone say goldfish? After a mysterious murder takes place in broad library, Tim, Detective Williams, and Darcy are led to three suspects…except they aren’t real? Meanwhile, Tim’s been so busy on this case, he’s forgotten the case of the boyfriend. Where’s Bernard? 

Written by Meghan Fitzmartin
Pencils and Inks by Riley Rossmo
Colours by Lee Loughridge
Cover Art by Riley Rossmo and Ricardo López Ortiz

Thoughts: Oh no, Bernard’s missing. Guess Tim will have to kiss Connor instead.

Batman News Critic: Jeremy

Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1

As Pariah’s Dark Army continues its march around the globe, Damian Wayne thinks he’s got an answer as to why Pariah is able to control the most dangerous cosmic villains of the Multiverse-and he’s taking Red Canary and Dr. Light on the road to see if he’s right! Don’t miss this thrilling Dark Crisis tie-in with direct connections to the present and future of the DCU! 

Written by Delilah Dawson, Dennis Culver and Mark Waid 
Pencils and Inks by Freddie E. Williams and Jack Herbert
Colours by Adriano Lucas
Cover Art by Gleb Melnikov

Thoughts: I wonder if I’d like Dark Crisis more if it focused more on Damian and Dick – both apparently important, yet given so little time to shine in the event itself.

Batman News Critic: N/A

Punchline: The Gotham Game #2

SHOWDOWN AT ACE CHEMICALS! Punchline’s construction of her Royal Flush Gang court draws the attention of Gotham City’s thriving Yakuza faction and Batman. All things come to a head at Ace Chemicals. Will Batman successfully stop Punchline and her court, or will the factory bring him another devastating failure? 

Written by Tini Howard and Blake Howard
Pencils and Inks by Gleb Melnikov
Colours by Luis Guerrero

Thoughts: You’d think they just bulldoze places like Ace Chemicals and the Monarch Theater at this point.

Batman News Critic: Aaron

Harley Quinn #24

Like the old Russian proverb says, if you wanna catch a killer, kidnap a different killer and force them to walk you through their process until you eventually find the person who murdered you in cold blood on your newly renovated Gotham ferry…point is, I’m makin’ Victor Zsasz help with my murder mystery and this Sherlock and reluctant Watson are about to blow the doors wide open on some universe-alterin’ shenanigans. Plus, Bud and Lou get belly rubs, I lose my deposit on a fog machine I rented, and my killer is revealed! 

Written by Stephanie Phillips
Pencils and Inks by Matteo Lolli 
Colours by Rain Beredo

Batman News Critic: N/A

Batman: The Audio Adventures #3

Batman must venture into the sewers as he hunts for the fabled sword of King Scimitar. But he quickly finds a devolving Killer Croc who won’t let the caped crusader steal his child! But all Batman sees is…a doll? Meanwhile, Robin gets kidnapped while trailing Scarecrow. Looks like both heroes need a good doctor, but the only one to be found is a little…strange. All this and more in the next installment of your favorite audio compendium! 

Written by Dennis McNicholas
Pencils by Anthony Marques
Inks by J. Bone
Colours by Dave Stewart
Cover Art by Dave Johnson

Thoughts: Oh, I love that Scarecrow design.

Batman News Critic: Aaron

Batman: Fortress #7

Batman and his team of unlikely allies have penetrated the defenses of the Fortress of Solitude and uncovered the shocking answer that has haunted the Dark Knight from the very beginning-where is Superman? You will not be prepared for the revelation! 

Written by Gary Whitta
Pencils and Inks by Darick Robertson
Cover Art by Darick Robertson and Diego Rodriguez

Batman News Critic: William

Batman: Gotham Knights – Gilded City #2

More than a century in Gotham’s past, the mysterious hero known as the Runaway investigates a rash of disappearances targeting the city’s working class. In the present, it’s Batman versus Nightwing! The Dark Knight’s further research into the volatile Golden Iris Virus leads him to Blüdhaven, and his former partner isn’t happy to see him. 

Written by Evan Narcisse
Pencils and Inks by ABEL
Colours by John Rauch
Cover Art by Yanick Paquette, Nathan Fairbairn, Greg Capullo, Jonathan Glapion and Dave McCaig

Thoughts: Y’know, I quite like Batman’s Gotham Knights fit. Shame we don’t see it much.

Batman News Critic: Cam

DC vs. Vampires #11

Humanity’s final battles against King Nightwing and his vampire armies have seemingly failed on all three fronts. Who lives? Who dies? As all hope is extinguished, will the surviving heroes be able to stop the extinction of the human race? 

Written by James Tynion and Matthew Rosenberg
Pencils, Inks and Colours by Otto Schmidt
Cover Art by Otto Schmidt and Guillem March

Thoughts: I keep complaining about DCeased and DC vs. Vampires airing at the same time, but I also quite enjoy it, so.

Batman News Critic: Aaron

The Batman & Scooby-Doo Mysteries #2

The sequel that sprouted from the hit maxiseries continues, as Daphne poses as Batgirl to help capture Poison Ivy! Will this bit of high-stakes cosplay turn out to be a rash decision? And what does Barbara Gordon think about this turn of events?

Written by Ivan Cohen
Pencils and Inks by Dario Brizuela
Colours by Franco Riesco

Batman News Critic: William

DC: Mech #5

A SQUADRON DIVIDED! The Justice Squadron is in pieces. The Green Lanterns and Flash have flown off to space with their mechs to face Darkseid’s forces head-on, still unwilling to trust Superman or accept his help. Batman will need to convince Wonder Woman that Superman is ready to rejoin their team, and time is running out. Darkseid’s forces are at their full power, and Lex Luthor is getting ready to unleash his ultimate weapon on the world…enter the biomechanical nightmare that is…B1-ZAR-0!!! 

Written by Kenny Porter
Pencils and Inks by Baldemar Rivas
Colours by Mike Spicer

Batman News Critic: Aaron

Beyond the Bat

Welcome to Beyond the Bat! Here you can see everything else that DC is releasing this week, beyond the scope of the books we cover on the website.


Most Excited: Detective Comics #1066. Not much to say – just a solid book that’s continuing to meet expectations and surprise!

Least Excited: Punchline: The Gotham Game #2. No DC, I don’t care if you hire good writers and artists, I’m not reading Punchline.

Wild Card: Dark Crisis: The Dark Army #1. I’m gonna be generous to Dark Crisis here, because I like Damian and I wanna get some enjoyment out of this event. We’ll see.

Best wishes, and see you in the reviews!


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