2022 Batman Gift Guide – Day 04: Mondo Collectibles

Day 04 of our cavalcade of Batman must-haves is all about pointing you in the direction of one shop: Mondo. Mondo has three Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 scale figures in stock right now, plus an LP of Michael Giacchino’s The Batman score that might get a restock before Christmas. In addition to the Batman stuff, they also offer a wide range of other high-end pop culture collectibles ranging from vinyl puzzles to polyresin statues that are sure to thrill fans of horror, comics, film, TV, and more. We’re also going to highlight a few as an added bonus, just in case the amazing Giacchino vinyl never comes back in stock and you need something equally outstanding.


The Mondo exclusive version of this figure is still in stock and includes a second head sculpt and a second Isis cat figure for just $5 more than the standard edition. And, truthfully, I think the maskless Selina Kyle head sculpt that’s bundled with the exclusive edition is the most screen-accurate head that the figure can be paired with. Other than that, the build quality and paint are nice, you’ll especially love the cell shading effect that makes each of the BTAS figures look like the cartoon-come-to-life.

The 1/6 Scale Catwoman looks best when she’s posed interacting with other figures, as you can come up with some pretty amusing displays, as you can see from one of the photos above where she is in the arms of a lesser superhero. Personally, I have Catwoman posed high up at one side of the room, completely opposite from Batman, waving to him with stolen jewelry in her hand. We did a full review of this figure back in 2020 and you can read that HERE.


The Joker

The exclusive version with bonus head sculpt and accessories sold out almost instantly, but the standard edition is still on sale over at MondoShop.com and it might just be the best BTAS 1/6 scale figure Mondo has released yet. You’ll dig how expressive these head sculpts are and there are quite a few episode-specific accessories to choose from as well.

As much as I love this villain, I can’t get enough of that frightened head sculpt. Being able to pose Joker cowering at the feet of Mr. Freeze (also a Mondo figure, but you’ll need to go to eBay to find one now, good luck) or Batman or anyone else is just sublime. Seeing him defeated is pure bliss. But if you want to show him off in full chaotic glory, there are plenty of bombs, knives, and cackling head sculpts to swap in and out. Great build quality, terrific accessories, and a beautiful cell shading paint job make this a must-buy. Our full review of Mondo’s Joker 1/6 Scale figure can be found HERE.


Batman: Redux

The new and improved version of the 2019 BTAS Batman figure features the best elements from the original standard figure as well as an all-black variant that came out in 2020. Additionally, this take on The Dark Knight is taller than those previous versions and sports glow-in-the-dark eyes and a more screen-accurate color scheme.

This is the best BTAS Batman figure you can buy today, and I’m honestly shocked it’s still in stock. Whether you’re displaying him in an action pose, brooding with his cowl off, or maybe you just want him to look like a battle-damaged H.A.R.D.A.C. you’ll be more than pleased with this premium-quality figure. For a more in-depth look at the Batman: Redux 1/6 Scale figure, take a look at our full review. When you’re ready to buy, just click the link HERE.

And now, I guess I’ll talk about the figure that’s not-so-subtly popped into photos of the BTAS collectibles…



He’s the best at what he does (unless Batman also does that thing), it’s Wolverine. Yes, Mondo is double-dipping into 90s superhero nostalgia by recreating that other animated series X-Men in 1/6 scale form… and they’re knocking it out of the park. I wish I could have gotten my hands on a Magneto, but he sold out too fast! Wolverine, however, is no slouch (well, he kind of is, you’ll need to use the included stand to keep him in dynamic poses). The figure is magnificent, boasting episode specific accessories, a cartoon-accurate paint application, more than enough articulation to showcase Logan at his most dangerous, and it even nods to a now famous (or infamous) meme.

And I’m surprised at how good he looks posed alongside my BTAS figures! I swear, nothing awakens your inner child quite like seeing Kevin Conroy’s Batman square up to Cal Dodd’s Wolverine. And with such brilliant painting and spot-on sculpting, it looks like they hopped right out of the television screen. Wolverine is on sale now for $200 at Mondoshop.com.


The Batman Soundtrack

Nearly 2 hours of music spread across 3 colorful discs all nestled within highly stylized packaging, Mondo’s 3XLP is the definitive version of Michael Giacchino’s score. No other presentation is close to as impressive (or sounds half as good a genuine vinyl). The only drawback is that as of this writing it’s still listed as out of stock. However, Mondo is trying to get The Batman, Ghostbusters 2, and other popular titles back in their online store ahead of the holidays so be as vigilant as The Bat himself!

But just in case you can’t find a copy of this 3XLP and you still want some eye-catching Mondo vinyl for yourself or a fellow film music lover / pop art aficionado, I’d like to recommend a couple options. In keeping things DC Comics, I’ll first recommend the The Suicide Squad and Zack Snyder’s Justice League albums that we highlighted in last year’s gift guide. Those are, surprisingly, still in stock. Then I want you to take a gander at the Doom Patrol: Season One 2XLP soundtrack.

The SDCC exclusive version (a lot of only 500) is sold out but you can still get it in white vinyl and it features the same beautiful gatefold sleeve and terrific Clint Mansell score as that convention exclusive. And if you want to dive deeper into the cinematic soundscape and go outside of DC, Mondo has no shortage of options, but for extra wow-factor, might I interest you in a Godzilla vs. Destoroyah pressing that’s housed in a gatefold that actually roars when you open it?



And while we’re on the subject of Godzilla (yeah, I’m a Godzilla fan, but I don’t write for a Godzilla website so I get my shots in where I can) if you’re a fellow kaiju enthusiast or you’re shopping for one, Mondo also offers a Godzilla puzzle. They offer a lot of puzzles, actually. I completed Thor: Ragnarok and Cheddar Goblin (it’s a Mandy reference) puzzles last year that were exceptionally well made and fun to piece together.

Last but not least, I want to highlight one of my favorite things that Mondo does, but unfortunately they’ve never crafted a DC Comics design for… Tiki Mugs.

Tiki Mugs

Designer drinkware with a retro feel and pop-culture twist, Mondo’s tiki’s are big, beautiful, and a guaranteed conversation starter. These aren’t cheap plastic wannabe tikis, either. These are heavy, handmade ceramic pieces with hand-painted details and a unique texture depending on the look you choose. For example, my Fin Fang Foom has rough scales but glossy trunks.

Now, it’s important to note that not all tikis are equal sized so be sure to read the ad copy for each one so you know what you’re getting. They vary in price as well, ranging from $25-$65. A 16oz Wolfman tiki is absolutely dwarfed by the gargantuan 40oz Venom. Hate getting up to refill your beverage? Get an oversized Tiki and you’ll never have to hit pause as you sit, un-parched, viewing The Batman in its entirety.

Disclaimer: Batman News was provided these items by Mondo for the purpose of this article.