2022 Batman Gift Guide – Day 05: SecretLab Dark Knight Chair & Magnus Desk

Day 05 of our Holiday Gift Guide Extravaganza is all about atmosphere. Who wants to feel like they’re at the office when they can feel like they’re at Batman’s office? Pairing the SecretLab TITAN Evo 2022 Dark Knight Chair and Magnus Desk with Dark Knight leatherette mat is about as close as you can get to the look and feel of being seated before The Batcomputer. Check it out!

And now let’s take a closer look at each component of the ideal Batman office…

Dark Knight Edition Secretlab TITAN Evo 2022 Series Gaming Chair

The first step in creating Batcave vibes is getting the proper chair. The TITAN Evo is that chair. Setting aside its obvious Bat-aesthetic for a moment, let’s just appreciate its overall build quality. Like its predecessors, the 2022 Series is extremely comfortable, boasting an ergonomic design with ample cushioning in all the right places. This strategically applied padding touches any part of you that comes into contact with the chair and is comprised of cold-cured foam that’s firm rather than pillowy, but never hard, for a truly luxurious seating experience. And speaking of luxury, its sleek, easy-to-clean NEO Hybrid leatherette upholstery not only looks phenomenal but is 12 times more durable than traditional PU leather.

The chair is also quite customizable so that it can provide the ideal level of support for individuals of all sizes. It includes a dial for increasing lumbar support, sleekly integrated controls for adjusting armrests in every direction so your elbows have a place to call home, backrest and seat tilt levers that can recline the chair surprisingly far back for nap sessions (or Batman-esque micro-sleeps), and, of course, height adjustment controls. Of course, if you’re more the dimensions of a Carrie Kelley or Bane you can always order a small or XL sized chair that costs just a little bit more and will match your frame perfectly. Additionally, the chair comes with a memory foam headrest pillow that you can add or remove at your leisure as it is snaps into place with hidden magnets. It’s ingenious in its simplicity, and has been the feature everyone I’ve shown the chair to gravitates toward every time.

As for the Bat-like qualities that the chair presents… They’re quite obvious. And I don’t just mean the beautifully embroidered bat emblem on the front and back of the backrest! No, even without the logos (more Arkham City than The Batman in shape) this chair would strike anyone even marginally familiar with The Dark Knight as a clearly Batman-lookin’ chair. The deep blacks and charcoal grays with golden stitching? Come on. The perfectly molded padding that’s firm and never plump and lumpy like a well-sculpted physique? And the way the seams imitate the overlapping armor of the hero’s uniform! It’s a gorgeous thing. Truly. And if you’re just after the chair, you can buy yours now on sale directly from Secretlab for $524. But if you want to take things to the next level, I highly, highly recommend complementing your new Bat-chair with a matching desk…

MAGNUS Metal Desk with Magnetic Ecosystem

Pairing the desk and chair just hits different. Sure, if you already own an executive chair with Wayne Industry or clandestine cave dwelling flair I suppose you can couple it with this desk too, but these Secretlab pieces were literally made for each other.

Echoing the same comfort and utility of the chair, the Magnus desk is a no nonsense design that makes for a clean work area while still providing luxury in the form of a leatherette mat embossed with the Bat logo, gold stitching, and deep black seams that subtly trace over a few spots to imbue the desktop with a made-for-Batman feel. I like the easy-to-apply, magnetized design that rolls flat onto the steel tabletop and the pebbling on the leather looks and feels fantastic, but what I love most about this stylized mat is how it doesn’t show my fingerprints. At all. In fact, the matte black steel frame doesn’t show my prints either. But let’s talk about the desk itself for and really analyze the frame of the Magnus.

The desk is heavy. Considerably heavy. You might see the photos and judge the minimalistic design to be less than hardy, but I assure you the Secretlab Magnus is as tough as a Bat-furnishing ought to be. The slim but sturdy legs are built from solid steel and the expansive tabletop is steel with MDF. It’s optimized for loads up to 220lbs. and stands at 29 inches tall with easy-to-adjust feet if you’d like to customize things for your own height preference. And besides being too wide and weighty to assemble on your own, its assembly is gobsmackingly simple with a friend.

In fact, that’s the biggest compliment I have for Secretlab’s products: they are so easy to assemble! My wife and I are definitely that couple that gets into a heated argument over any Aldi or Ikea brand furniture build. But Secretlab? Not. Once. The TITAN Evo Chair and Magnus Desk both came with a giant, full color instruction sheet with links to detailed Youtube videos as well. AND they each came with tools, extra screws, and, best of all, each part sported a descriptive sticker that left zero residue when we peeled it away. Hands-down the easiest table and chair assembly I’ve ever gone through. Anyway, back to the desk…

While it doesn’t have any drawers to it, the Magnus Desk does include a full-length wire management tray that can be accessed through a removable door underneath the table or via a flip-up back panel that’s also ideal for adding an optional light strip (sold separately). The tray is generously sized and can hold full-size surge protector power strips as well. Essentially, this desk isn’t about filing away papers. It’s not interested in knickknack storage. It’s about providing you ample work space and the means for keeping that expansive surface clean of clutter as you game, write, and more. And by incorporating hidden wire management within the tabletop itself, it makes for a perfect 90 degree frame that can rest flush against the wall of your room!

But let’s say you want more wire management. You want more of the classy Bat-imagery on the desk. Well, then you want the optional cable management bundle I’ll speak of in just a second, but that brings me to my last point: this is a modular desk that’s made with add-ons in mind. Be it the aforementioned light strip or cable management anchors or other additions like a headphone hanger, Secretlab offers a wide range of enhancements that can bring more function and flair to your desk. The Magnus Desk with Dark Knight Desk Mat is on sale now for $618 directly from Secretlab.

Dark Knight Cable Management Bundle

One universal truth across all Batman media is that the Caped Crusader excels at cable management. That’s a lot of hardware setup in literal underground caverns, so leaving ethernet cables even slightly jumbled would be entirely excusable and yet… it’s a staggeringly neat work area given the circumstances. Is it Alfred doing it all? Probably. But the point still stands that a quality Bat-desk needs to keep its chargers and cables as out of sight and out of the way as possible. And do it stylishly too! And by stylishly, I of course mean slapping a Bat-logo on it wherever possible.

Luckily, Secretlab has you covered with an assortment of magnetic accessories that clamp down onto the desk effortlessly (while still being easy enough to remove if you ever wish to reposition and rearrange things). And with an identical matte finish and sized-to-fit sheath and anchor designs, these cable management options instantly integrate themselves into the overall look of your desk so they will look as if they were part of the frame all along. You can purchase the cable management bundle directly from Secretlab right now for $59. It includes three magnetic cable anchors, two magnetic cable sheaths that clamp over the desk legs, and a set of 10 cable fastening straps.

Disclaimer: Batman News was provided these products by SecretLab for the purpose of this article.