2022 Batman Gift Guide – Day 08: McFarlane Toys and Fisher Price action figures

No matter how old you are, who doesn’t like getting toys at Christmas? Young or old, whether for play or collecting, everyone likes a nice action figure or statue based on their favorite characters. McFarlane Toys and Fisher Price have both been doing a pretty stellar job of offering up a bunch of different DC characters in various lines, which is especially nice if you like Batman, because they each have a lot of Batman pieces available.

But not just Batman, of course. In addition to figures based off of this year’s hit film The Batman, McFarlane also have a line of figures and statues tying into the Black Adam movie, while Fisher Price continues in their own tradition of offering toys for younger fans with a whole lot of DC League of Super-Pets products. We’ve been spoiled when we can see the Dark Knight, Doctor Fate,  Hawkman, and Krypto the Superdog on the big screen, so let’s see how we can continue to make 2022 the year that keeps on giving.

The Batman 12″ posed statue (Gold Label)

As featured in the header image for this post, this piece was one that I searched high and low to find before finally getting my hands on one. While I’ve already reviewed a similar statue before (the all gold one that was, confusingly, a Platinum Edition figure, not Gold Label), there’s enough unique about this figure to give it the spotlight too.

First, it just looks incredible. Based on an illustration from Jim Lee, which itself is displayed on the packaging, the red and black highlights of the figure look incredibly striking and unique. It’s funny, because while I don’t necessarily love the look of Pattinson’s Batsuit in the movie, I absolutely adore how great this figure looks. It tells a story with its pose and limited color palette, literally looking as if a drawing has come to life.

The sculpt of the figure is nearly identical to the gold statue, though instead of having a Batarang clutched in his right hand this one just has an open hand. Frankly, I like that, because while Batarangs are always cool, Bruce never used one in The Batman (unless you count the big chest symbol knife thing, which I don’t), so it’s fitting. The base the figure stands on is almost entirely unique, too, with only the brickwork detailing at the bottom consistent between the figures. Where the gold statue’s base had more stonework and masonry on which Batman could perch his foot, this figure has a really cool winged gargoyle at the corner, adding to the gothic feel of the piece and the film.

This figure is worth owning for all those details alone, but it has the added bonus of coming with a really cool, reversible cardboard backdrop. One side shows the Gotham City skyline from the Jim Lee drawing that inspired the piece, and the other side has The Batman title logo in all red against a black background. Personally, I like the cityscape, as it just ties the whole vibe the figure is going for together, but you can’t really go wrong with either one.

As a Walmart exclusive, this figure can be difficult to track down, but it’s still available if you’re willing to do a bit of hunting. It’s become one of my favorite pieces in my entire collection, so I’d say it’s well worth it.

Batman: The Classic TV Series

I’ve reviewed several figures and sets from this line, and given my love for the ’66 Batman television series, it remains a personal favorite. You can generally find quite a variety of these figures at Target, and save for a few of the chase figures they’re easy to track down online too. While the figures lack any accessories save for the delightful sound effect attachments, they’re all sculpted well with great likenesses, and McFarlane have gotten pretty wacky with some of the characters and styles they’ve begun to offer. The black and white Batman and Joker figures are really clever, Alfred disguised as Batman is hysterical, and the Villains Lair from Batman: The Movie fills me with joy (if only it had the United Underworld crest…)

And they aren’t done yet, not by a long shot. In the coming months we’ll see King Tut and Two-Face figures, plus Batman with the pink cowl. Truly, McFarlane’s Batman: The Classic TV Series line is the gift that keeps on giving.

Black Adam

McFarlane Toys - DC Collectibles - Black Adam - Black Adam by Jim Lee - Featured - 01

If you’re looking for something to give to a loved one to tell them that the man in black sent you, McFarlane have a nice array of figures based on this fall’s film Black Adam. The showstopper for sure is the 12″ Black Adam PVC statue based on a design from Jim Lee, which perfectly captures Dwayne Johnson’s likeness in a diorama that is equal parts regal and menacing. Positioned on a posing arm so he appears to be floating in the air (just like in the movie!), Teth Adam has a stoic, focused expression, and a wonderfully sculpted flowing cape. Put this on your shelf and the hierarchy of statues in your collection will truly change.

I make no apologies.

If articulation, accessories, and playability are more your thing, there’s also a line of Black Adam action figures that are pretty swell. The title character comes three ways: a standard figure, one with a hood and cloak, and a deluxe figure with the throne of Kahndaq. The Justice Society– scene-stealers all, and a definite highlight of the film– are represented as well, with Cyclone and my dudes Hawkman and Doctor Fate getting a figure apiece, and Atom Smasher comes in a standard size as well as a Megafig that towers over the other heroes, because of course he would.

I got my hands on the “standard” Black Adam and Atom Smasher figures, and they’re both really cool. The detailing on each of their costumes is fantastic, with Black Adam having a worn, leathery look that contrasts with Atom Smasher’s spandex-like outfit. Each figure seems to have some unique articulation when compared to other McFarlane figures, too, like Adam’s jointed wrists and the almost ball-joint attachments at Atom Smasher’s shoulders. Black Adam comes with some attachable lightning accessories, and Atom Smasher has a second pair of hands, so that along with the amazing articulation and screen-accurate likenesses makes these some pretty stellar action figures.

If you’re not into straight-up heroes and/or “anti”-heroes, the villainous Sabbac is also available, in case you wanted to bring about the apocalypse or what have you.

Just… let everyone else unwrap their gifts and enjoy the season first.

The 12-inch Black Adam statue is available from Amazon and Entertainment Earth.

Fisher Price DC League of Super-Pets Talking Ace

And what of the little ones in your life? The young sons and daughters and nieces and nephews who also appreciate some good DC content, but aren’t quite the target audience for a PG-13 blockbuster?

Why, DC League of Super-Pets— the Rock’s other superhero film from this year– is also represented with several lines of toys and other assorted merchandise. Fisher Price in particular have a really fun Talking Ace figure that is made of strong, sturdy plastic and says over 15 different phrases from the film. If it’s not Kevin Hart’s actual voice, it’s an incredible soundalike, spouting phrases like “stay strong” and “come on. Let’s go get your Superman.”

Biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig stretch.

There are also barking noises and other sound effects, and his mouth opens when you press the button on his back as well, which is a fun little detail. With a great sculpt and fun play features, Ace will be a faithful friend to the youngest of DC fans.

A Christmas Story shirt available on the WB Shop.

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