2022 Batman Gift Guide – Day 10: THE BATMAN Bow Lipstick Case Set

Shopping for a Bat-fan who needs something a little glamorous? We have something to show you! The limited-edition The Batman Bow Lipstick Case Set is both pocket-sized and undeniably elegant while still checking the box of being connected to the Caped Crusader. The set includes a shapely lipstick case as well as a diamond powder satin lipstick refill. It’s unlike anything else we’ve ever featured here at Batman News and it’s an accessory we’re certain your giftee will be eager to show off. I know my wife won’t stop bragging about it to her friends! It’s a stunning accessory, and she adores the included lipstick as well. You need only look at the sophisticated black and silver The Batman themed packaging to know you’re about to handle something exceedingly opulent and beautiful. I mean it’s so precious… even the case has a case!


This dazzling lipstick case features a timeless bowtie design that flaunts hand-polished black enamel which catches the light brilliantly but not quite as well as its impressive accents. The bowtie shape’s every curve is embellished with silver and hand-placed Swarovski crystals, 298 pieces in all. Not only does it show off the House of Sillage brand and The Batman title (on the reverse side), but it shines its own Bat signal as well with a sparkling Bat logo that would make Mr. Freeze blush or, at the very least, exclaim an ice pun. As functional as it is lavish, the easy-to-open case turns smoothly when you need to produce your shade of choice and thanks to an intuitive push and click feature you can swap out refills effortlessly.

Since the included shade of lipstick complements my wife’s skin tone better than my own, I asked her to test this set out and let me know her thoughts. Here are a few photos of her showing off the bowtie case and she’s wearing the lipstick too.

Here’s what she had to say about how Batman made beauty products better and there’s essentially no good reason to ever go back…

The lipstick goes on smooth, and doesn’t dry out my lips. The unique thing to me was the amazing smell which, coming from a perfume company, makes sense. The entire presentation feels special and fancy. I don’t feel like I am just putting on lipstick.

And we can all understand where she’s coming from with the “special and fancy” comment, the case has a Swarovski crystal bat logo on black enamel, it’s gonna turn heads. But what she’s saying about the feel of the lipstick, that’s all coming from the fact that House of Sillage’s lipstick formula is enhanced with vitamin E and antioxidants to give it added hydration benefits. I will also say, I’m surprised she didn’t mention how the satin finish is enriched with the luster of genuine crushed white diamonds, though. I think if I had tried it on, all I would have said was, “My lips have diamonds on them.”

This limited-edition lipstick case set is currently on sale for $147.50 at the House of Sillage website. And, in case you missed it, we also highlighted House of Sillage’s The Batman candle and The Batman cologne in earlier Holiday Gift Guide posts in an effort to add a little beauty and style to this year’s gift suggestions. Check them out! They’re all wonderful.

Disclaimer: Batman News was provided a sample of the bow lipstick case set from House of Sillage for the purpose of this article.