Batgirl directors discuss the ‘traumatic experience’

Batgirl - Adil El Arbi - Leslie Grace - Michael Keaton - 01
Adil El Arbi

The directors of the canceled Batgirl film are discussing the “traumatic experience” that was their film being canceled in a new interview.

Adil El Arbi and Bilall Fallah sat down with Deadline while attending the Red Sea International Film Festival in support of their new film, Rebel, and discussed the fallout of Batgirl’s cancelation. “It was a traumatic experience,” Bilall said, adding that both he and El Arbi had gone through “all of the emotions.”

“At that time, it was pretty unprecedented, so it was like movie history, but in a crazy way,” said El Arbi.

As to what status the film was in at the time, El Arbi said that it was “not done yet. Far from it.” Only one cut of the film had been completed at the time they received the news of the cancelation. “There was still a lot of work to be done but they just said it was financial decisions and so that’s that and the movie can never be released,” he added.

When asked if there was any way audiences could ever see the film, he said “no, not at all.” He went on to add, “There’s nothing that we can do to influence them but you know when you see Brendan Fraser, who’s maybe going to win an Oscar for The Whale, it’s like maybe that’s going to help us out because he gave an Oscar-winning performance.”

When asked if they would consider working on another DC project in the future, Bilall said, “We are still fans of the DC universe.” The pair are in agreement, however, We’d love to work for a DC project in the future but the one request is that the movie comes out. That’s the only request.”