Black Adam sequel seems unlikely to move forward

According to a new report, the likelihood of a Black Adam sequel is quickly diminishing as a war of words is waged over its profits.

In a new wide-ranging report from The Hollywood Reporter, it seems that the chances of a Black Adam 2 are quickly disappearing. This is the same report that mentioned that Wonder Woman 3 will no longer be moving forward.

Things had been looking rough for Black Adam at the box office with a global total of $385 million thus far. With the budget pegged between $190 to $230 million before marketing costs, Variety ran a report on Tuesday stating that the film would more than likely lose $50 million for the studio.

On Wednesday, Dwayne Johnson countered this with a tweet stating that the film was actually on track for a profit of $50 million or more.

When ancillary revenue such as digital sales are counted in, the film may actually break even, but will not be walking away with a profit.

As it stands now, sources are indicating that the idea of a second film is quickly diminishing. Between the current spat of words, and the inherently higher costs of sequels as contract clauses kick in, a second film is looking less and less likely.

We’ll have to wait and see how things develop, but Black Adam may already be coming to a close.