Batman News 2022 Holiday Gift Guide

We’ve spent the past two weeks showcasing an assortment of terrific Christmas gift ideas for Batman fans and you can find links to each in-depth article right here! There are few tried and true suggestions like comics and movies, but we also have some out-of-left-field items sure to inspire you. Yes, whether you’re shopping for a spouse, a child, a coworker, or yourself, there’s something here for every Gothamite.

Hot Wheels RC THE BATMAN Batmobile

Hot Wheels’ RC Batmobile boasts a screen-accurate design that can host your favorite action figure, and it’s surprisingly fast! It’s perfect for display on your Bat-shelf or for racing in your backyard. You can get yours now, exclusively from Amazon, with a price fluctuating between $87-107.00 and I think it’s well worth it. You can check out our full review HERE.


Create-A-Treat Wayne Manor Cookie Kit

Gingerbread houses are dumb. Build your own Wayne Manor and Caped Crusader instead with this do-it-yourself kit that comes with pre-made cookies shaped like Batman, the Batmobile, the gates of Wayne Manor, and the Manor itself. It also includes frosting and some candy pieces for added color and deliciousness.


THE BATMAN Scented Candle

The Batman x House of Sillage Theatrical Limited-Edition candle was “created to capture the olfactory sensorial experience of Gotham City into your surroundings” but honestly I never really imagined Gotham City smelling… pleasant. Like, at all. So thankfully, House of Sillage didn’t shoot for anything close to my own imaginings of a toxic mix of trash, blood, and car exhaust and instead gave us a candle with notes of…

  • Candied apple
  • Pear leaves
  • Magnolia
  • Smokey rose
  • Violet
  • Leather accord
  • Sandalwood
  • Musk
  • Patchouli
  • Moss
  • Warm vanilla

Our full review of this aromatic candle can be read HERE.


Bat-Books by Insight Editions

Insight Editions offers a variety of different Bat Books ranging from hardcover script books of Joker and The Batman to a Definitive History of the Dark Knight and even a children’s story based on Batman Returns. What am I saying? That fully illustrated holiday classic is wonderful for adults and kids alike! You can read more about these books and what all they offer by clicking HERE.


Mondo Batman: The Animated Series 1/6 Scale Figures

We did a full rundown of a variety of great Mondo items ideal for comic, horror, and film fans, but our top pick is far and away their 1/6 scale figures based on Batman: The Animated Series. They’re definitely the best BTAS figures money can buy! Joker, Catwoman, and a newly updated Batman figure are available now, but if you want to do some digging, and have the budget for it, I’m sure you can track down a Michael Ansara Mr. Freeze on eBay. Speaking of eBay finds…


Vintage Batman Goodies

Don’t rely solely on what’s available in retail stores. Go searching at flea markets, antique malls, Craig’s List, and eBay for some retro Bat-merch! I’m talking Batman Forever glasses, Knightfall Pogs, BATMAN 89 cereal, a BTAS sweater circa 1993, or go even further back and buy your special someone an original Batman ’66 fan club button. You might even find some props used in the films! The options are endless and we have a long list of even more suggestions sure to inspire you, right here.


BATMAN Scaled Prop Replicas

Factory Entertainment have scaled replicas of Batman’s Batarang and grapple launcher, each made of real metal and packaged with a slick plexiglass stand. Despite being scaled, they’re still a decent size, probably around 2/3 the size of the actual props. They fit nicely in hand, especially the Batarang, and given that they’re made of metal they are heavy. With spot-on detailing and accents of paint for the prongs of the Batarang and grappling hook of the launcher, these pieces are high quality, affordable ways to show that you still have Batmania, all these years later.


SecretLabs Dark Knight TITAN Evo 2022 Chair & Magnus Desk

Who wants to feel like they’re at the office when they can feel like they’re at Batman’s office? Pairing the SecretLab TITAN Evo 2022 Dark Knight Chair and Magnus Desk with Dark Knight leatherette mat is about as close as you can get to the look and feel of being seated before The Batcomputer. We have a full review of the desk, chair, and the Dark Knight Cable Management bundle for you to pore over, if you’re shopping for someone in need of an office upgrade like no other…


Gotham Knights

Co-op gameplay featuring the Bat Family? And you’re taking on The Court of Owls?? Count us in! Gotham Knights is available to play on Playstation 5, PC, and Xbox Series X. You can buy it straight from their website, or wherever video games are sold. And if you’re on the fence, you can see what our reviewer Cam has to say about his experience with the game.


Pawz Play Plush Animals

Every little kid deserves a stuffed animal, but only the children on the nice list deserve the very best. And it doesn’t get much better than a stuffie clad in DC hero attire. And, if you want to treat the naughty children anyway, there’s also a Harley Quinn option.


DC League of Super Pets Fisher Price Toys

DC League of Super-Pets— the Rock’s other superhero film from this year– is also represented with several lines of toys and other assorted merchandise. Fisher Price in particular have a really fun Talking Ace figure that is made of strong, sturdy plastic and says over 15 different phrases from the film. If it’s not Kevin Hart’s actual voice, it’s an incredible soundalike, spouting phrases like “stay strong” and “come on. Let’s go get your Superman.”


The Latest Batman Blu-Rays

The Batman, Catwoman: Hunted, and Batman and Superman: Battle of the Super Sons came out this year and we recommend owning them all. And for the best picture and sound, pick them up on 4K Ultra HD Blu-ray. There are even steelbook case options that’ll look mighty impressive in your movie collection. We’ve provided a great overview of each film, including all of the terrific bonus features included with The Batman, HERE.


The Batman Bow Lipstick Case Set

Pucker up… for justice? If you have a giftee who adores makeup as much as masked vigilantes, we have a mighty fine suggestion. The House of Sillage Bow Lipstick Case Set pays homage to the film The Batman with a black enamel and Swarovski crystal case that makes for a glamorous accessory that comes with an equally lavish lipstick refill that’s infused with diamond dust. Check out our full review of the case and the lipstick, here.


Running Press Die-Cast Bat-Signal

If any item on our list speaks for itself, it’s this one. Who wouldn’t want to own their very own LED Bat-Signal with 360 degree swivel, comics-inspired metal body, and… did we mention it also comes bundled with a book featuring excerpts from classic comics? This is a must have, and it’ll look great at home or in your office.


Gotham City 14 Miles Road Sign

A Gotham City 14 Miles sign, just like the one outside of the Batcave in the 1960s Batman television series. The simple two-toned gray hues, the ornate script of Gotham City, and the big, bold 14 MILES make for a unique piece that any fan of the show will appreciate. Hang this one up outside your own (Bat)man-cave!


BATMAN Keychain and Pin Set

This set comes with a keychain with three charms and a nice Bat-logo pin. The keychain is made of solid metal, with a Batarang, Batman’s cowl, and the Joker’s logo making up the charms. A single ring has the chains for each charm attached to it, but the links of each chain are pretty big themselves, so you could keep all three together or take two of the charms off the ring and attach them to other keychains as well, so you have Batman represented on all of your keys.


McFarlane Toys

The Batman, Batman ’66, Black Adam, and much, much more DC goodness is coming from McFarlane toys these days. Seems like every week there’s something else coming out that we thought we’d never see as a statue or highly articulate action figure. Check out this article for a brief overview of our personal favorites.


Vengeance Fragrance

Yes, there’s a cologne based on Robert Pattinson’s Batman, and it’s exquisite. Just look at this…

  • Top Notes: Bergamot, Cardamom, Tonka Bean
  • Heart Notes: Egyptian Jasmin Absolute, Cashmeran, Haitian Vetiver
  • Base Notes: Amber, Patchouli, Oakmoss

So if you want to surprise your special someone with a Bat-themed gift with sophistication, look no further. And if you’re still not convinced, we have a more lengthy write-up with plenty more details on why we love this scent.



Every Batman fan should get a new comic on Christmas. That’s law. Look it up. And if you want some suggestions for what went to print this year that we recommend, just take a look at our picks for our top 5 favorite graphic novels released in 2022. We also included a few omnibuses if you want to gift someone enough reading to get them through winter.

Did we miss anything? Post your ideal Batman gift in the comments section below!