WB reportedly killed a Michael Keaton Batman Beyond movie

The DC news just won’t stop this week, and this time it looks as though a Batman Beyond movie was put on the chopping block.

First reported on The Hot Mic with Jeff and John, it seems that Warner Bros. Pictures has opted to not move forward with a Batman film project that was set to star Michael Keaton. The supposed project was also being written by Christina Hodson who previously wrote Birds of Prey and the upcoming The Flash.

Following the initial report, Umberto Gonzalez of The Wrap confirmed that the project was actually set to be a live-action take on Batman Beyond. “FYI
@TheInSneider, the “solo” Michael Keaton Batman movie you’re talking about that Christina Hodson was writing, was in fact the BATMAN BEYOND movie.”

The exact person at Warner Bros. who supposedly canceled the project has not been confirmed as of yet. There is speculation for everyone from James Gunn all the way up to Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav.

There has been a lot of fan support for Keaton to take on the role of an older Batman training up a young Terry McGinnis in a live-action film. If we were to hazard a guess as to what may have potentially stopped it, one would have to assume the budget for such a film would be massive. With Zaslav currently trying to cut every cost he can, it’s easy to imagine that he would see this as too high of a risk.

Nothing is set in stone, and we may never know the true story of what happened here, but it’s going to be difficult to not mourn this potentially lost film.