James Gunn addresses ‘uproarious’ fan reaction

Shutterstock - James Gunn - DFree

James Gunn took to social media on Monday to express some thoughts on the current fan reactions to what is happening with the DC Universe.

Over the course of five tweets, Gunn shared his thoughts on the ‘uproarious’ way fans are reacting to what is happening with the DCU.

One of the things Peter & I were aware of when we took the job as heads of DC Studios was a certain minority of people online that could be, well, uproarious & unkind, to say the least. (link)

Our choices for the DCU are based upon what we believe is best for the story & best for the DC characters who have been around for nearly 85 years. Perhaps these choices are great, perhaps not, but they are made with sincere hearts & integrity & always with the story in mind. (link)

No one loves to be harassed or called names – but, to be frank, we’ve been through significantly worse. Disrespectful outcry will never, ever affect our actions. (link)

We were aware there would be a period of turbulence when we took this gig, & we knew we would sometimes have to make difficult & not-so-obvious choices, especially in the wake of the fractious nature of what came before us. (link)

But this means little to us in comparison to our jobs as artists & custodians in helping to create a wide & wonderful future for DC. (link)

He also answered a fan’s question about how everyone was being recast other than the Suicide Squad, saying, “I keep seeing posts with this untrue theory. We’re not recasting everyone except The Suicide Squad.”

Gunn has previously stated that more announcements about the company’s plans will be made early in 2023.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – James Gunn – DFree