XM Studios announces new Superman – Justice statue

XM Studios has announced a new Superman – Justice statue that will come in two different editions.

Both versions of the statue will be rendered in 1/6 scale statue will weigh almost 73lbs. Preorders are open now for both the colored version, and the Ice version SGD $3,599.00 ($2,663 approx USD), and can also be ordered from the following retailers:

XM Studios is excited to present our next 1/6 scale DC EPIC DIORAMA series statue, Superman – Justice by David Finch! Having worked with XM to produce the Batman Sanity and Wonder Woman Courage dioramas, David is back to complete the trinity with a dynamic showstopper of a statue featuring the man of steel surrounded by some of his greatest foes in an epic struggle against evil!


Superman is a guiding light and the embodiment of hope to all – even against insurmountable odds. But there’s more to it all beneath the iconic blue uniform and flowing red cape.

With this art piece, we explore Superman’s resolve and inherently dichotomous nature. Though not of earth, he goes out of his way to protect its inhabitants. While extremely powerful, he has a plethora of other mighty foes opposing him. And most of all, his tendency to spare the lives of his foes may very well come back to haunt him in unsuspecting ways. Still, he presses on with unwavering determination to stand up for what’s right to the point where it almost seems like his foes are desperately trying to capture him and obstruct his path of exacting justice.

Collectors will be able to choose between two gorgeous paint application variations. The first one allows collectors to appreciate the varied foes in full colour, with every carefully hand-painted character furnished with fleshed out textures and stunning detail. Positioned in the centre of it all is none other than Superman himself, struggling valiantly against all odds.

The ice crystal version features his foes painted in the iconic colors of The Fortress of Solitude, providing an alternative reading of the statue, in which Superman’s foes are recreated as a memoir and representation of his many battles against them.
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The statue features:

  • One (1) highly detailed sculpt featuring a total of 11 characters in 1/6 scale
  • Crafted in Polystone
  • Each painstakingly handcrafted statue is individually hand-painted with the highest possible quality finish


  • David Finch (2D)
  • XM Studios Design and Development Team