The Flash promo to debut during the Super Bowl

After a 17-year absence from running any promos during the Super Bowl, Warner Bros. Discovery will return in 2023 with footage from The Flash.

According to a new report from The Wrap, sometime during Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, Feb. 12, 2023, Warner Bros. Discovery will return to the advertising lineup for the first time in nearly two decades. And for DC fans it’s going to be a special event as it will be a promo for The Flash.

The full The Flash trailer will debut five days later when it is attached to the theatrical release of Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania.

The Flash was recently moved up one week from June 23, 2023 to June 16, 2023. No reason for the move has been announced as of yet.

This new release date now puts it out on the same weekend as Pixar’s upcoming Elemental, though rumors suggest that film may be changing dates. This does put it just two weeks behind Spider-Man: Across the Spider-verse, and one week behind Transformers: Rise of the Beasts.

This does, however, now give it two weeks before the release of Indiana Jones and the Dial of Destiny.

2023 is currently stacked with major releases, so we won’t be surprised if there isn’t some more shuffling in the weeks and months to come.

The Flash is set to hit theaters on June 16, 2023.