The Batman script is now available to read for free online

If there is one good thing to be said about awards season in Hollywood, it’s that a lot of resources are put online for free that normally you wouldn’t have easy access to.

Currently, Deadline is running its “Read the Screenplay” series where it puts scripts for films online for everyone to read. They are all works that are hopeful of garnering some attention as awards are announced in the coming months.

One of the newest ones to be added to the series is that of Matt Reeves & Peter Craig’s The Batman script. This is a Dec. 2020 draft and you may notice some changes throughout as Covid kept changing things up for the film. All told the script clocks in at 131 pages and is available as a downloadable PDF.

If you’ve never read a script before, it can be an interesting experience as you see some things described in great detail, while other moments are just the broadest of strokes where you can tell it’s being left to the actor to make some decisions. For added fun, watch the film as you read the script and you’ll get a real understanding of how everything comes together.