Paragon FX Group props honor multiple versions of Batman

Paragon FX Group

Prop replicas are always a great piece to add to your collection, and luckily there is a relatively new kid on the block that is serving up a lot of fun things for Batman fans.

Paragon FX Group has been around for a little bit over two years, and it’s coming at DC fans with a wide array of Batman-related props, with even more on the way.

So for, for Batman ’66 the company has produced the Bat-Cuffs and Bat-Radio. Next up will be the fan-favorite Bat-Shield. Batman ’89 has only received one item, but what an item it is. The Modular Utility Grapnel set has all the attachements you could want from this essential piece of equipment. Even The Batman has already received a replica in the form of his Bat Glyph.

Beyond DC, the company also has licenses for such properties as Blade Runner 2049, The Goonies, Dune, Creepshow, and more.

All of Paragon FX Group’s items go through a three-part ordering process: Interest list (Where you can sign up for essentially a custom email subscription for products you are interested in), then once the item is finished with production and “on the water” we offer a reservation system with a refundable 10% deposit. Finally, there is the standard “For Sale” is pretty much as it sounds – You buy it, and they ship it.

While having screen-used props will always be the ultimate collectible, there’s only so many of those to go around. From the quality of work Paragon seems to be doing, these will make great substitutes.