Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leak reveals Battle Pass

A new alleged Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League leak is leaving fans with some dampened hopes for the game.

An image has made its way onto social media that shows a supposed screen from the upcoming Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League game. Should it prove to be real, it shows a “Battle Pass” in the top menu, and that means the game will run as a “Game as Service,” or GaaS.

It also appears from the screenshot that there will be multiple currencies you can earn in-game to purchase different cosmetics for your characters. This is sure to also lead to micotransactions as the game continues with possible exclusive outfits, new maps, possibly new characters and so on.

While none of this is terribly surprising in the current gaming market, it’s just unfortunate that this is how we learn of these aspects of the game. Up until now confirmations on various aspects of the game have been few and far between. The last solid piece of info to come out was a first look at Batman in the story, voiced by the late Kevin Conroy.

For now, Rocksteady Studios is not commenting on the leak. We’ll have to wait and see when any of this information is officially confirmed.

Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League does not currently have a confirmed release date.