Veronica Cartwright to guest star on Gotham Knights

Shutterstock - Veroinica Cartwright - Kathy Hutchins
Shutterstock - Veroinica Cartwright - Kathy Hutchins

Gotham Knights will be welcoming a familiar face as a guest star in its first season.

The CW announced on Thursday that Veronica Cartwright will appear in two episodes of the first season. While her career goes back decades, she is best known as Joan Lambert in 1979’s Alien.

Cartwright will be playing a character named Eunice Harmon who seems like a sweet old lady living in a nursing home. In reality, she has sinister secrets that tie her to an evil that has infested Gotham for well over a century.

If your first thought is “The Court of Owls,” you aren’t alone, although that has not been officially announced.

“We are absolutely thrilled to have Veronica as a part of Gotham Knights. A veteran of some of the most frightening movies ever made – Alien, 1978’s Invasion of the Body Snatchers, and Hitchcock’s The Birds – Veronica brings to the role of Eunice Harmon a uniquely chilling sense of danger in an otherwise unassuming package. The character of Eunice was originally supposed to be a one-off, but we were so blown away by Veronica’s performance, we knew we had to bring her back,” producers Chad Fiveash, James Stoteraux, and Natalie Abrams said in a statement.

IMAGE SOURCE: Shutterstock – Veroinica Cartwright – Kathy Hutchins