Titans United: Bloopact #6 review

Having just broken my collarbone (which is why this review is a day late) I must say that I have an added appreciation for solid things. Titans United: Bloodpact is an incredibly solid mini-series that delivers a captivating ending.
The action in this comic is still the main draw for me after everything is said and done. There’s nothing wrong with kicking back and enjoying the action while some elements of character tension simmer in the background. I don’t really get why Cavan Scott has consistently underdeveloped the worldbuilding of this alternate dimension but it’s clear that he cares a lot about the characters so at least there’s always something to chew on. A commenter predicted that this otherworld story would have zero impact on the actual heroes and sadly that is very much the case. Without spoiling anything it is clear that this mini-series was not allowed to impact the main continuity which in my opinion really crutched the character tensions so instead of getting to see multiple characters reacting to each other we have a couple that gets hyperfocused.

It might sound like I’m being pretty critical of this issue but that’s just because my love for it is so great that I had to start off pointing out what I thought were missed opportunities. In the previous issue I talked about the twist that made me completely change my mind about this series and this finale is an unending barrage of crazy twists that left my head spinning. Heroes and villains are constantly having to make last minute alliances in order to team up against a more immediate threat and it’s great to see how these alliances are formed. Especially when the lingering mistrust makes memories of betrayals resurface at the slightest hiccup.

Like I said, the action is the main draw. Each page (except the first) looks incredible. Lucas Meyer has made the characters the main attraction with beautiful displays of power that overshadow the worldbuilding and backgrounds. The first page is an example of why having a fleshed out world is essential though. We get a solid looking intro page, effective and informative, but it’s also the most generic thing I’ve seen in a while. What world does this belong to? That’s never the kind of question you want crossing your mind at the final issue of a story. The action and character designs more than make up for it but it’s still something I find hard to accept.

The spirit form of Raven is still something that blew me away and reminded me of Dani’s Double X in Arkham City: The Order of the World. The way she escapes her cell and joins the fight is especially impactful thanks to Tony Aviña’s colors. The icy cold blue blasts and piercing red bolts of power fractured across the pages tint the comic and get disrupted by the varying purples and greens. This clash between the red/blue and purple/green gets played around with a lot as the tides turn with great effect!

When it comes to the lettering Carlos M. Mangual delivers a series of sound effects that crash into the fight carrying the crushing weight of each blow. I love the variety of hits that allow so many characters to shine brighter and the gruffiness of the sound effects are a perfect fit for the darker tone of this story. The crackling “KRAKOOM” as the red lightning shatters before you is an incredible display of colors and lettering working together. The few times the sound effects are a bit more smooth around the edges doesn’t even bother me because for the most part they are colored in a metallic gray that reflects the industrial refuges frequented by our ragtag team of fighters.

Recommended if…

  • You’ve always been here for the action (and you can probably tell it won’t disappoint)
  • Nightwing and Starfire’s romance was your favorite character development
  • Understanding the twists would make you genuinely satiated


This series is a blast! If you like the Teen Titans then I can not recommend this mini enough! From the action to the setup to the character dynamics, there’s so much to admire! The art is as essential to the writing and while they both carry the same flaws of underdeveloped worldbuilding the forefront is just too amazing to really care about that. For those who want to flip through some comics and have a great time this is a 10/10 mini. You’ll finish each issue wanting more until it’s all neatly packaged in a chaotic and captivating six issue wonder!

Score: 8/10

Disclaimer: DC Comics provided Batman News with a copy of this comic for the purpose of this review.  

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