DC announces “Knight Terrors” horror event for this July

Hopefully you like your Halloween early, because this Summer DC is making its heroes’ nightmares a reality. Spinning out of its Dawn of DC initiative, DC has revealed the upcoming event, Knight Terrors, will be starting in July. The event will last through August as writer Joshua Williamson (Batman, Dark Crisis, Robin, Superman) and artist Howard Porter (The Flash) send Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman into the “Nightmare Realm”. They’ll need the help of Deadman to save the world from its own worst nightmares.

“I love horror comics, and it’s been a blast bringing the energy to Dawn of DC. Knight Terrors showcases the horror side of our heroes as a brand-new villain confronts them with their worst nightmares,” said Joshua Williamson. “It’s a fun and horrific event that brings together all of the heroes and villains of DC, along with some surprises!”

In addition to the main event, multiple two-issue miniseries from yet to be announced creative teams will be taking over DC’s publishing line. Each miniseries will feature a different hero or villain as they confront their greatest fears in the Nightmare Realm. They’d best be careful though, because what happens in the Nightmare Realm doesn’t stay in the Nightmare Realm.

You won’t have to wait until July for your first look at the Knight Terrors event. On Free Comic Book Day, May 6th, artist Chris Bachalo (Doctor Strange, Deadpool) is returning to DC for Dawn of DC Knight Terrors Free Comic Book Day Special Edition. In it, Damian Wayne becomes the first victim of the nightmares as his dreams take a horrifying turn.

Dawn of DC Knight Terrors Free Comic Book Day Special Edition cover by Jason Fabok