Steve Agee to appear in upcoming DCU project

It seems that we have not yet seen the last of Steve Agee in the role of John Economos.

Over the weekend, DC Studios co-chair James Gunn took to social media to wish his friend a happy birthday, saying, “Happy Birthday to my great friend & collaborator & peak Economos (who you’ll see sooner than you think), ⁦[Steve Agee]⁩. Love you, buddy!”

Which project this could be is unknown at this time. We know that the animated Creature Commandos series is currently in production, and has ties to Gunn’s The Suicide Squad as it will feature Weasel on the team. Gunn has also confirmed that at least some of ‘Team Peacemaker’ will appear in the upcoming Waller series.

Of course, there are also still multiple DC films to be released this year that he theoretically could have a cameo in and we just haven’t heard about it yet.Shazam: Fury of the Gods is up first, but seems like an unlikely place for him to appear. The Flash is set for June, but completed filming some time ago. Blue Beetle seems a bit more likely as we could see the government taking an interest in this armored person suddenly running around. And the year closes out with Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom, but that also seems like an unlikely film for him to appear in.

We’ll just have to wait and see where he appears, but we do need to keep an eye out for him.