HBO Max reportedly to charge more for 4K

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HBO Max is about to undergo some major changes in April, and one of them is going to be a bit of a sticking point.

It has been known for some time now that HBO Max would be adding the Discovery Plus catalog this year. Rumors have circulated that the service will change its name to simply “Max,” and fears came along with that of a price hike. According to Lucas Shaw of Bloomberg, those concerns aren’t warranted, so long as you don’t want 4K.

Citing sources familiar with the plans, Shaw reports that the advertising-supported tier will be $10 a month, while the ad-free version will be priced at either $15 or $16 a month. Those are the current prices for the service and reflect no changes despite the addition of thousands of more hours of content.

Where things become questionable is when you decide you want higher-quality video. Reportedly the company is set to ask for $20 a month for better-quality video. There is some talk of there being other perks to that tier, but nothing has been made official as of yet.

None of the plans are reportedly set in stone as of yet, and things could change as the announcement date draws closer. Currently, there will be a press event held in April with more introductions to the public in the weeks that follow.