Cryptozoic launches Peacemaker bobblehead campaign


Cryptozoic has launched a Kickstarter campaign for three different editions of a Peacemaker bobblehead based on the TV show’s opening song.

Three different versions of the figure are available: Core, Bloody, and Gold. The Core is yours with a pledge of $35. The Bloody will require you to pledge $50, while the Gold – which is exclusive to Kickstarter – is $60. You can also obtain a complete set for a pledge of $130, $15 off of the price if you were to order them individually.

Verified retailers can also back the “Retailer Peace” package which will get them six of each figure for $470, or $26.11 per unit.

The campaign is set to end at 2pm CDT on April 27, 2023. It has a goal of $15,000, and stands at $6,833 as of the time of this post. As with all Kickstarters, there is no guarantee this will reach its goal, or that rewards are guaranteed. With Cryptozoics history, however, this one feels like it has a pretty good chance.

Should the campaign reach its goal, delivery is expected in  Nov. 2023.