DC announces new Batman and Robin series for September

DC Comics has been very busy at this week’s MegaCon with all of their announcements of upcoming projects. On Friday, they premiered a trailer for the Dawn of DC initiative, including news from the creators of some their series plans. Among them was the announcement of a new Batman and Robin series from writer Joshua Williamson and artist Simone Di Meo.

Williamson is somewhat of a rising star at DC, having written prominent titles such as 2016’s The Flash, 2021’s Robin, Infinite Frontier, Dark Crisis, and 2023’s Superman. His will be the third Batman and Robin series, after Grant Morrison’s run in 2009 and Peter Tomasi and Patrick Gleason’s in 2011. Following the events of Batman vs. Robin and Lazarus Planet, we don’t yet know much about the series aside from the fact that it will be launching this September, and some interior and cover art from Di Meo.

One notable piece of info revealed at the announcement was Di Meo’s designs for Damian’s own Robin Mobile. Just like Tim and his “Redbird” car before him, it looks like Damian is getting his license to drive a few years early. This dune buggy design is just one piece of the future for Damian as we wait for more details in the coming months.